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Litero: AI Essay Writing


Litero is an AI tool designed to assist students in writing essays. The AI essay writer tool helps with researching, writing, paraphrasing, and citing. This platform integrates ChatGPT to enhance writing while maintaining the user’s unique voice.

Features & Benefits

  • Outline Generator: Creates a suggested outline based on the user’s topic.
  • AI Autosuggest: Provides suggestions for sentences or paragraphs when writer’s block strikes.
  • Citation Tool: Easily adds references and citations in multiple formats, such as MLA and APA.
  • Built-in ChatGPT: Integrates ChatGPT into the writing workflow for seamless assistance.
  • Plagiarism Detector: Checks text for plagiarism to ensure originality.
  • Grammar Checker: Identifies and corrects grammar, spelling, and punctuation issues.
  • Easy Export: Allows downloading documents in various formats, including APA and MLA.


Web app

Litero Tasks

  • Generate essay outlines
  • Provide writing suggestions
  • Add citations and references
  • Check for plagiarism
  • Correct grammar and spelling
  • Export documents in different formats



Real-world Applications

Litero is useful for students at all levels. A college student working on a research paper can benefit from the outline generator to organize thoughts and structure the paper efficiently. The AI Autosuggest feature helps in crafting seamless transitions and completing thoughts coherently. For students needing accurate citations, the citation tool ensures that sources are correctly formatted, saving time and reducing errors. The built-in plagiarism detector and grammar checker add layers of reliability, making sure the final draft is polished and original.

For a unique use case, consider a student writing an essay about the impact of AI in education. Litero could help in forming a structured outline, suggesting relevant academic sources, and even inserting humor to make the essay more engaging.

Who is Litero for

  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Researchers
  • Writers

Pricing & Discount

Free$0/moCitation and references, Grammar and plagiarism checker, Limited AI words per day
Paid$20/moAll in Free plus: Unlimited AI words, Unlimited AI outline and draft helper, Unlimited chat with AI assistant

Litero Free version



  • No dedicated mobile app
  • Limited AI words per day in the free plan


  • Data privacy and security measures
  • Cost of the premium subscription
  • Potential learning curve for new users

Potential Future Developments

  • Launching a mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Integrating with academic databases for improved citation accuracy
  • Adding AI content detection for enhanced results.
  • Adding AI humanizer to automate and avoid penalties for submitted AI generated text.

Explore Litero to simplify your essay writing process with AI assistance for research, writing, and citations. Try it free and see the difference.

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