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Introducing Tripnotes: A Travel Planner Like No Other

Plan Your Next Adventure with AI

Tripnotes Ai travel planner

UPDATE: As of December 2023, Tripnotes has been acquired by Dorsia and is not available as a stand-alone AI Travel tool.

Travel planning can be an arduous task, requiring hours of research, browsing through travel portals, reading reviews, and juggling multiple tabs to plan the perfect trip. But what if there was an intelligent travel planner that could do all of this for you in a matter of seconds? This is where Tripnotes comes in – a new travel planner that promises to make trip planning a breeze.

Powered by “the best travel data on the planet”, Tripnotes uses artificial intelligence to help you plan your trip in seconds. The platform automatically tags, maps, and researches each place you mention, making it easy to create an itinerary that is tailored to your interests. And the best part? You can paste inspiration from almost anywhere, including text messages, TikTok, YouTube videos, and articles and blogs.

But that’s not all – Tripnotes also comes with built-in collaboration features, allowing you to plan your trip with friends and family members. All of your notes are shareable, whether you want to make them public or keep them private.

Tripnotes also serves as an all-in-one app that can help you book a table, get a ride, or RSVP, right from your note. The platform is always fresh, providing you with access to detailed listings with relevant TikToks, reviews, and Instagram pages. And if you’re looking for expert insights, you can easily see snippets from top critics and publications at a glance.

Perhaps the most significant advantage of Tripnotes is its seamless integration between desktop and mobile. You can start planning your trip on your computer and follow through with the iOS app in your pocket. This feature allows you to have your trip together no matter where you are, making it the perfect AI tool for travelers on the go.

For the moment you can play with the preview version of the tool to get a feeling of what it offers. The suggestions are not as precise they should be, but that’s why it’s a preview.

In conclusion, Tripnotes is an AI travel planner like no other, promising to revolutionize the way we plan our trips. Its intelligent features, built-in collaboration tools, and seamless integration between desktop and mobile make it a worthy competitor to traditional travel portals like Trip Advisor. Join the waitlist today and be among the first to experience the future of travel planning.

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