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QuizWhiz: Generate AI-Powered MCQs from Any Text

QuizWiz AI quiz generator

QuizWhiz is an AI-powered app designed to assist teachers in creating quizzes and exams for their students. By inputting text or uploading a PDF file, users can generate Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs) and their corresponding answers. In this article, we will explore the features, benefits, real-world applications, pricing, limitations, concerns, and potential future developments of QuizWhiz.

QuizWhiz Features

  • AI-Generated MCQs: QuizWhiz utilizes artificial intelligence to generate multiple-choice questions and answers based on provided text or PDF files.
  • Easy Input: Users can simply provide the desired text, and the AI quiz generator will process it to create the MCQs, eliminating the need for manual question creation.
  • Multiple-Choice Options: Alongside each question, QuizWhiz provides multiple-choice options, enhancing the overall quiz-taking experience.
  • User-Friendly Interface: the tool’s website offers an intuitive interface that makes it accessible and easy to use for teachers and educators.


  • Time-Saving: QuizWhiz automates the process of creating multiple-choice questions, saving teachers valuable time and effort in quiz and exam preparation.
  • Customizability: Users can tailor the generated MCQs to suit their specific needs and learning objectives, ensuring quizzes align with the curriculum.
  • Enhancing Assessment: The use of multiple-choice questions allows for efficient assessment of students’ understanding and knowledge retention.
  • Flexibility: QuizWhiz can be used across various educational settings, including schools, colleges, and online learning platforms.

Real-World Applications

  • Educational Assessments: QuizWhiz simplifies the process of generating quizzes and exams for educators, facilitating effective assessment of students’ learning outcomes.
  • E-Learning Platforms: Online learning platforms can utilize QuizWhiz to provide interactive quizzes and assessments to their users, enhancing the learning experience.
  • Training and Certification Programs: QuizWhiz can be employed in professional training courses and certification programs to evaluate learners’ comprehension and progress.

QuizWhiz Pricing

  • Starter: Free 20 runs suitable for individuals getting started.
  • Basic: $9 per month, offering up to 1000 runs per month for users with basic requirements.
  • Pro: $18 per month, providing up to 5000 runs per month for advanced users and institutions.

Please note that a “run” refers to processing approximately 400 words of input. The app can handle a maximum input size of 3000 words.


  • Language Support: Currently, the AI quiz generator only supports English, with plans for future updates to include support for additional languages.
  • Input Size: The maximum input size that the app can process is 3000 words. Text exceeding this limit will be ignored in the request.

Potential Future Developments

Looking ahead, QuizWhiz has the potential to further enhance its capabilities and user experience. Some best-case development scenarios could include:

  • Integration with Learning Management Systems (LMS): Seamless integration with popular LMS platforms would streamline the process of quiz creation and result tracking.
  • Multi-Language Support: Expanding language support beyond English would make QuizWhiz accessible to a wider global audience.
  • Enhanced Question Customization: Offering advanced options to customize the generated questions, such as specifying question difficulty or topic focus, would cater to diverse educational needs.

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