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InstaShorts: TikTok Story Creation


InstaShorts is an AI video generator for automatically creating TikTok shorts videos. The platform uses AI to turn uploaded video content into personalized TikTok stories, complete with a cloned voice feature. This makes it easy to produce engaging and authentic content for social media.

Features & Benefits

  • Video Upload: Users can upload videos that showcase their brand or products.
  • AI Scripting: The AI tool generates a script for the videos, which users can then adjust to fit their style and message.
  • Voice Cloning Technology: InstaShorts can clone the user’s voice to maintain brand consistency across videos.
  • Automated Video Editing: The platform edits and scripts videos to create engaging TikTok content efficiently.

InstaShorts Platforms

  • Web app

InstaShorts Tasks

  • Upload videos
  • Generate scripts for videos
  • Edit and transcribe videos
  • Clone user’s voice for video narration

InstaShorts Integrations

  • n/a

Real-world applications

InstaShorts simplifies the content creation process for TikTok, making it accessible even for those without professional editing skills. For instance, a café owner can upload a day’s worth of barista videos, and InstaShorts will transform them into a series of engaging stories that showcase the skill and care behind each cup. Similarly, a fitness coach could use the platform to share quick workout tips, personalizing the content with their own voice to keep it unique and trustworthy.

A jewelry maker might upload close-ups of their crafting process, letting potential customers see the artistry involved, narrated by the artist themselves thanks to the voice cloning feature. And just for fun, imagine a pet shop owner using the AI TikTok generator to create daily adventures of the store’s resident cat, narrated humorously in what could be the cat’s own voice!

Who is InstaShorts for

  • Business owners
  • Marketing professionals
  • Social media managers
  • Content creators

Pricing & Discount

PlanPriceVideo Uploads per MonthNumber of ShortsCloned Voices
Free$010 minutes100
Starter$49/mo120 minutes601
Agency$99/mo300 minutesUnlimited5

InstaShorts Free version



  • Limited amount of video upload time per month depending on the plan.
  • Number of shorts and cloned voices are restricted by the selected subscription.


  • Data Privacy: Users might have concerns about uploading personal or branded content and voice samples.
  • Usability: The effectiveness of the AI script generation and voice cloning might vary.
  • Compatibility: Currently available only as a web app.
  • Cost: Subscription costs could be a barrier for small businesses or solo entrepreneurs.

Potential Future Developments

  • Mobile app version: A mobile app could allow users to upload and edit content directly from their smartphones.
  • Expanded voice cloning options: Adding more cloned voice slots to lower-tier plans could enhance value.
  • Integration with other social platforms: Enabling direct publishing to other platforms like Instagram or YouTube could broaden the tool’s usefulness.

Discover more about InstaShorts and start transforming your videos into engaging TikTok content today!

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