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AutoShorts: AI Video Generator


AutoShorts is a platform that automates the creation and scheduling of unique, faceless shorts and videos for social media. Users can pick a topic, and the AI video generator creates and posts videos to their channels, streamlining the process of maintaining a faceless video series.

Features & Benefits

  • Automated Video Creation: AutoShorts generates unique videos based on the user’s chosen topic.
  • Custom Topics: Users can select or customize their video series topics.
  • Editing Capabilities: Videos can be previewed and edited before posting.
  • Social Media Integration: Supports posting directly to TikTok and YouTube.
  • Unique Content: Generates new videos for each series, ensuring originality.
  • Custom Prompts: Allows for detailed prompt customization to guide video content.
  • Ownership of Videos: Users retain full ownership of the created videos.

AutoShorts Platforms

  • Web app

AutoShorts Tasks

  • Generate unique videos from text
  • Automate posting AI videos to TikTok
  • Automate posting AI videos to YouTube
  • Edit and preview videos before posting
  • Manage video series in one place

AutoShorts Integrations

  • TikTok
  • YouTube

Real-world applications

Imagine a fitness coach wanting to share workout tips without being on camera.The AI video generator can create a series of engaging workout short videos, offering a different exercise in each episode, all without showing a face. Or a history teacher aiming to make learning more engaging for students; they could use AutoShorts to generate weekly historical facts or stories videos, bringing history to life outside the classroom.

For someone looking to tap into the pet video trend without a pet, they could start a “Funny Animals” series. AutoShorts would generate hilarious and adorable animal shorts, ensuring the creator becomes a favorite among pet lovers, all without having a single pet (or even a pet rock) at home.

Who is AutoShorts for

  • Content creators who prefer not to be on camera
  • Social media marketers looking to automate content creation
  • Educators seeking innovative ways to present information
  • Anyone wanting to start a faceless video channel

Pricing & Discount

Free$0Posts once a week, TikTok only, watermark
Starter$19/monthPosts 3 times a week
Daily$39/monthPosts once a day
Hardcore$69/monthPosts twice a day

AutoShorts Free version



  • Currently only supports English.
  • Limited to posting on TikTok and YouTube.


  • Content appropriateness needs manual review.
  • Limited language support may restrict global usability.
  • Dependency on platform policies (e.g., posting frequencies on TikTok).

Potential Future Developments

Adding support for multiple languages and expanding to more social media platforms would greatly enhance AutoShorts’ usability. Introducing advanced editing features or templates for different content types could cater to a broader audience.

Start automating your faceless video content creation with the AI Video Generator AutoShorts.

Create viral AI shorts and unique video series effortlessly.


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