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Vidon: AI Video Generator lets you create videos from your blog posts.

Vidon is an AI-powered video generator that simplifies video marketing by automating the creation, publication, and management of engaging videos. It offers a straightforward way to produce videos by converting text, prompts, or URLs into polished content complete with AI voiceovers, stock media, and automatic captions. Vidon is designed to cater to both individual and business needs, streamlining video marketing efforts across various platforms.

Features & Benefits

  • Text to Video: Transform text into videos using an intuitive editor, bypassing the need for complex video editing skills.
    • Benefits: Simplifies video production, saving time and resources.
  • Realistic AI Voiceovers: Incorporate lifelike voiceovers into videos.
    • Benefits: Enhances viewer engagement with high-quality narration.
  • 12M+ Stock Library: Access an extensive library of stock media.
    • Benefits: Provides a vast selection of visuals to enhance video content.
  • Auto Image Selection and Automatic Captions: Automatically selects images and generates captions for videos.
    • Benefits: Streamlines the video creation process and improves accessibility.
  • Instant Videos: Generate videos from prompts with AI-scripted narration and design.
    • Benefits: Quickly creates videos from simple ideas or concepts.
  • Repurpose Content: Convert URLs into videos matching the original site’s colors and fonts.
    • Benefits: Extends the reach of existing web content through video.
  • Video Marketing on Autopilot: Manage and analyze video content efficiently in one place.
    • Benefits: Optimizes video marketing strategy with scheduling, automation, and analytics tools.

Vidon Platforms

  • Web app

Vidon Tasks

  • Generate videos from text
  • Create videos with AI voiceovers
  • Convert prompts into scripted videos
  • Turn URLs into engaging videos
  • Schedule and publish videos to social media
  • Analyze video performance

Vidon Integrations

  • REST API for custom integrations
  • Social media platforms for instant sharing

Real-world applications

Vidon can be incredibly beneficial across various industries, including marketing, education, e-commerce, and entertainment. Marketers can leverage Vidon to create promotional videos or convert blog content into video format for enhanced social media engagement. Educators might use it to produce instructional or informational content, making complex subjects more accessible through visual and auditory learning. E-commerce stores can transform product descriptions and reviews into engaging videos to showcase on their websites or social media, potentially boosting conversion rates. Content creators and entertainers can use Vidon to quickly generate videos for storytelling, reviews, or entertainment content, keeping their audience engaged with regular uploads. Non-profits could employ Vidon to create impactful videos that convey their message and missions to a broader audience, encouraging donations or volunteer sign-ups. Overall, Vidon’s ability to automate and simplify video creation makes it a valuable tool for anyone looking to enhance their digital presence through video content.

Who is Vidon for

  • Marketers
  • Educators
  • E-commerce professionals
  • Content creators
  • Non-profits
  • Social media managers

Pricing & Discount

PlanPriceVideos per MonthAdditional Features
Individual€49/month10Content Calendar, Social Media Publishing, Full HD, URL to Video, AI Videos, Voiceovers, 12M+ Stock Library
Business€149/month10All Individual features, Brand Kits, API Access, Analytics, Video Translation, Bulk Creation Tools

Vidon Free version

Not available


  • Both plans have a cap on the number of videos per month, which might not suffice for high-volume users.
  • Hosting is charged separately, potentially increasing the overall cost for businesses relying heavily on video content.
  • The length of videos is limited by character count, which may restrict the depth of content in longer-form videos.


Potential concerns for users include the balance between cost and video production needs, especially for small businesses or individuals with limited budgets. The character limit for videos could impact the ability to convey complex or detailed information comprehensively. Additionally, while Vidon offers a wide range of features, the learning curve to effectively utilize all aspects of the platform, including its advanced analytics and automation tools, could be steep for some users. The reliance on AI for voiceovers and content creation might also raise questions about customization and personalization, particularly for brands with specific needs.

Potential Future Developments

  • Expanding the character limit for videos to accommodate longer content.
  • Introducing more advanced editing features for finer control over video output.
  • Enhancing AI voiceover technology for greater naturalness and emotion.
  • Increasing the video production cap in existing plans or offering more tiered options.

Try Vidon today to elevate your video marketing strategy with AI-powered ease and efficiency.

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