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Hypar: Advanced AI Architecture & Design Automation Platform

Hypar AI architecture and design platform


Hypar is a cutting-edge AI architecture platform for design automation in the field of building and construction. It is tailored for automating conceptual design, estimation, building product configuration, and mechanical & structural engineering tasks. Hypar stands out by treating buildings as interactive systems, allowing rapid design and metrics-driven decisions. It supports collaboration, integration with popular tools, and is built on open source and open standards.

Features & Benefits

Hypar’s distinctive features include:

  • System-Based Building Design: Encourages thinking of buildings as a combination of interacting systems.
  • Integration with Popular Tools: Direct integration with Revit, Excel, Dynamo, Grasshopper, and support for formats like IFC, JSON, gITF, and Rhino.
  • Collaborative Environment: Real-time collaboration and secure sharing of work.
  • Customizable Applications: Ability to encode specific building logic or use community-generated functions.
  • Space Planning Optimization: Rapid assessment and visualization of design effectiveness.
  • Seamless BIM Integration: Easy export of designs to Revit for construction documentation.

Benefits of using Hypar:

  • Accelerated design and decision-making processes.
  • Improved collaboration and sharing capabilities.
  • Flexibility to work with preferred tools and languages like C++ and Grasshopper.
  • Enhanced space planning and visualization capabilities.
  • Customizability for specific project needs.

Hypar Tasks

  • Automating conceptual building designs.
  • Facilitating efficient space planning and estimation.
  • Integrating building product configurations.
  • Supporting mechanical and structural engineering projects.

Hypar Integrations

  • Direct integrations with Revit, Excel, Dynamo, and Grasshopper.
  • Supports IFC, JSON, gITF, and Rhino file formats.

Real-world applications

Hypar is instrumental for architectural firms, engineering companies, and construction professionals. It enables these users to streamline their design processes, collaborate more effectively, and make informed decisions faster, leading to increased efficiency and productivity in building projects.

Who is Hypar for

  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Construction Professionals
  • Design Teams

Pricing & Discount

Hypar offers various pricing tiers:

Plan TypePriceFeatures
Free$0/monthAccess to three workflows
Business$120/monthUnlimited workflows, expert support
EnterpriseContact UsCustomizable plans with additional features

Hypar Free version



  • May require technical proficiency in design and programming.
  • Free version limited to three workflows.
  • Advanced features and support available only in paid versions.


Potential concerns with Hypar include:

  • Compatibility with existing workflows and systems.
  • Learning curve for new users, particularly in integrating complex functions.
  • Dependence on digital infrastructure for real-time collaboration.

Potential Future Developments

Future enhancements for Hypar may include:

  • More intuitive user interfaces for non-technical users.
  • Expanded integrations with additional design and engineering tools.
  • Advanced AI and machine learning capabilities for predictive modeling.

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