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Gepetto: Virtual Staging and Redesign with AI


Gepetto is an AI-powered tool that enables users to virtually stage and redesign properties by furnishing and redecorating spaces in over 30 styles. It aims to help clients visualize their future homes, enhancing real estate listings to attract more inquiries. Gepetto simplifies the transformation of old or unfurnished spaces into appealing visuals in seconds, using just a photo.

Features & Benefits

  • Over 30 Design Styles: Offers a wide range of styles created by professional interior designers.
  • Quick Photorealistic Renders: Create lifelike images of furnished rooms from photos in seconds.
  • Smart Staging: Automatically furnishes empty rooms, making virtual staging effortless.
  • Custom Mask Tool: Allows for precise area selection for targeted decorating or furnishing.
  • Outdoor Renovation Visualization: Helps visualize potential outdoor space renovations.
  • Wall Color Changes: Offers the ability to dynamically change wall colors and finishes.
  • Design Inspiration and Shopping: Generates new decoration ideas and provides shopping links for similar items.
  • Unique Renderings: Ensures every rendering is unique, providing a personalized touch to every design.

Gepetto Platforms

  • Web app

Gepetto Tasks

  • Virtually furnish and redecorate residential or commercial properties
  • Generate and customize high-quality, photorealistic renders
  • Automate room staging with smart technology
  • Precisely modify specific areas within a room for detailed staging
  • Visualize outdoor space renovations
  • Alter wall colors and materials for an updated look

Gepetto Integrations

  • n/a

Real-world applications

Gepetto serves real estate agents by enhancing listings with visually appealing staged homes, encouraging potential buyers to envision their future in the property. Interior designers can quickly generate diverse design mockups, streamlining client presentations. Home sellers can increase property appeal with minimal effort, potentially boosting sale prices. Homeowners can experiment with renovations virtually before making real-world changes. For a bit of fun, imagine using Gepetto to stage a home as a medieval castle or futuristic abode for a theme party planning – talk about making an impression!

Who is Gepetto for

  • Real estate agents
  • Interior designers
  • Home sellers
  • Homeowners
  • Event planners

Pricing & Discount

FreeWatermark, no commercial use, no HD
Pro Monthly$39.99
Pro Weekly$9.99
Pro Yearly$390.00

Gepetto Free version

Not available


  • Smart Staging actions are capped in paid plans, potentially limiting high-volume users.


  • Privacy of uploaded room photos.
  • User-friendliness for those less tech-savvy.
  • Device and browser compatibility.
  • Cost-effectiveness for occasional users.

Potential Future Developments

  • A mobile application for easier access and use.
  • Augmented reality features to visualize designs in real space.
  • Partnerships with real estate platforms to streamline the staging process for listings.

Gepetto offers a new dimension to property staging and redesign, providing an easy-to-use platform for transforming spaces virtually.

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