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Homestyler: 3D Interior Design AI


Homestyler is an AI platform for 3D interior design. It allows users to create detailed floor plans, decorate rooms with a vast library of furniture and accessories, and generate photorealistic renders. The tool is designed for anyone interested in designing interior spaces, from homeowners to professional designers.

Features & Benefits

  • Floor Planner: Upload your flooring sketches and convert them to 3D designs.
  • AI Decoration: Automatically decorate empty rooms based on your chosen style.
  • Material Editor: Customize the colors and materials of furniture and accessories.
  • Lighting Editor: Adjust light sources, sunlight, and environmental lighting.
  • Interior Finishes: Personalize walls, floors, ceilings, and tiles.
  • Export Drawings: Export BOM, floor plans, and DWG drawings with one click.
  • Web-based: Access and work on your projects from any web browser.
  • Video Panorama Rendering: Create dynamic video panoramas for immersive experiences.

Homestyler Platforms

Web app

Homestyler Tasks

  • Convert sketches into 3D floor plans
  • Decorate rooms with AI interior designer
  • Decorate rooms with a 300,000+ model library
  • Render photorealistic images and panoramas
  • Create VR virtual tours and animated videos

Homestyler Integrations


Real-world applications

Homestyler is useful for various purposes. Interior designers can visualize their ideas and present them to clients with realistic renders and virtual tours. Homeowners can experiment with different designs before making any physical changes. Real estate professionals can use Homestyler to create appealing visualizations of properties for potential buyers. Educational institutions can incorporate the tool into their curriculum to teach students about interior design and spatial planning.

Imagine a homeowner trying to redesign their living room for an upcoming holiday. Using Homestyler, they can quickly upload an image of their current space, select a style like “Christmas,” and receive a beautifully decorated room ready for the festive season. They can view it in 3D, make tweaks, and even take a virtual tour—all without moving a single piece of furniture.

Who is Homestyler for

  • Interior designers
  • Homeowners
  • Real estate professionals
  • Educational institutions
  • Furniture and decor retailers

Pricing & Discount

Cloud-based 3D floor planner
Unlimited 1K rendering
Free renders using Homestyler coins on limited types
4K Render needs to be purchased each time
100,000+ free 3D models and materials
Access to roof editing with 3 free roof styles included
ProEverything in Basic, plus:
75 renders each for 2K & 4K per month
Homestyler watermark removal
Upload your own 2D textures & 3D models (up to 300 each)
Access to render retouch, real-time lightmix, multi-floor, and more premium roof styles
Include 100 AI credits per month
Editable & downloadable colored floor plan
Starts from $4.9/month
MasterEverything in Pro, plus:
Unlimited 4K image rendering
Upload your own 2D textures & 3D models (up to 500 each)
More video rendering quota
More 8K & 12K panorama rendering quota
Include 300 AI credits per month
Starts from $9.9/month

Homestyler Free Version – Available


  • AI tools are available only in the paid plan
  • May have a learning curve for new users


  • Data Privacy: Personal data and design files are stored online.
  • Usability: May take time to master all features.
  • Compatibility: Limited to web browsers; no dedicated desktop app.

Potential Future Developments

Homestyler could benefit from adding more design styles and room types to its AI interior designer feature. AI virtual staging is another must have. Additional AI image enhancement tools for real estate would also be popular with interior designers, homeowners, landlords and realtors.

Create your dream home with Homestyler. Start designing today and bring your visions to life in 3D.

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