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REimagineHome: AI-Powered Virtual Home Design

ReimaginedHome real estate AI for interior design and virtual staging


REimagineHome emerges as a versatile AI-powered tool designed to transform the realm of real estate and interior design. This platform specializes in virtual staging, remodeling, landscaping, interior design, and more. It is notably aimed at professionals such as realtors, marketers, photographers, developers, and interior designers.

Features & Benefits

  • AI Virtual Staging: Both empty and furnished rooms can be virtually staged, offering a glimpse of the potential of any space.
  • AI Virtual Renovation: Modify walls, ceilings, and floors to envision renovations.
  • AI Space Decluttering: Transform occupied spaces to vacant and remove unwanted objects for a cleaner look.
  • AI Exterior Enhancement: Enhance lawns, replace skies, improve pool water, and redesign pathways to boost curb appeal.
  • AI Under Construction Property Visualizer: Redesign interiors and exteriors of properties still under construction.
  • AI Kitchen & Bathroom Designer: Offers upgrades and remodeling options for kitchens and bathrooms.
  • AI Color & Material Editor: Change the material and color of furnishing elements for a custom look.
  • AI Interior Designer & Landscape Designer: Provide creative and personalized design ideas instantly.

These features allow users to save time and money while accessing unique and personalized design ideas with just a few clicks.

REimagineHome Tasks

  • Virtual staging of rooms
  • Room and exterior remodeling
  • Space decluttering
  • Exterior enhancements (lawn, sky, pool, pathways)
  • Visualizing under-construction properties
  • Kitchen and bathroom design
  • Editing colors and materials of furnishings
  • Interior and landscape design

REimagineHome Integrations

API is available only for a custom enterprise plan.

Real-world Applications

REimagineHome serves various industries, especially real estate, where showcasing properties in their best light is crucial. Marketers can use it to create compelling visual content, while photographers can enhance their portfolio with virtual staging capabilities. Developers and interior designers can visualize and present their ideas more effectively, saving both time and costs. The platform’s diverse applications make it a valuable tool in enhancing visual presentation and design conceptualization across these sectors.

Who is REimagineHome for

  • Realtors
  • Marketers
  • Photographers
  • Developers
  • Interior Designers

Pricing & Discount

REimagineHome offers two main pricing tiers:

BasicFree30 output images/month, limited features
Pro$99/month900 output images/month, access to all features

REimagineHome Free Version



REimagineHome might have limitations in terms of the realism of AI-generated designs compared to manual services. The AI tool may also be limited by the quality of input images or specific design requests that the AI cannot fully interpret.


Users might have concerns regarding the accuracy and realism of AI-generated designs. Data privacy and security of uploaded images can be another area of concern, along with compatibility with different file formats and devices.

Potential Future Developments

Possible future enhancements for REimagine Home could include more advanced AI algorithms for even more realistic and diverse design options, increased compatibility with different file formats, and integration with other real estate or design software for a more seamless workflow.

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