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ProductScope: Product Photo and Amazon Listing Optimization


ProductScope is a tool designed for e-commerce brands and marketers. It focuses on creating visually appealing product photos and optimizing Amazon listings efficiently with AI. The tool comes with two main features: an AI Product Photoshoot tool for generating high-quality product backdrop photos and a Smart Amazon Listing Optimizer for crafting compelling product listings using insights from customer reviews.

Features & Benefits

  • AI Product Photoshoot: Transform product images into professional visuals for social media, Amazon, or Shopify.
    • Unlimited settings for product placement.
    • Background removal, custom backgrounds, and upscaling.
    • Access to themes and backdrops for diverse visual creations.
    • Features like Magic Erase & Redraw for image perfection.
  • Amazon Listing Optimizer: Enhance Amazon listings for better visibility and conversions.
    • Integrates customer insights and high-impact keywords into listings.
    • Provides unlimited keyword research and listing optimizations.
    • Utilizes AI to analyze Amazon reviews for actionable insights.
  • Integration with Chrome Extension: Offers tools like a Customer Insights Chrome Extension and ChatGPT for Amazon for deeper market understanding.

ProductScope Platforms

  • Chrome Extension

ProductScope Tasks

  • Generate professional-quality product photos
  • Remove and customize photo backgrounds
  • Optimize Amazon product listings
  • Conduct keyword research for product listings
  • Analyze customer reviews for market insights

ProductScope Integrations

  • Free Customer Insights Chrome Extension
  • ChatGPT for Amazon (Dobby)

Real-world applications

Imagine launching a new product line and needing to quickly populate your online store with stunning visuals. ProductScope lets you place your products in various settings, ensuring they look appealing across social media platforms and e-commerce sites.

For an Amazon seller, optimizing product listings is crucial. Using ProductScope, you can easily incorporate customer insights and targeted keywords into your listings, potentially improving your product’s visibility and sales.

Let’s not forget the creative agencies managing multiple brands. ProductScope can be a game-changer, offering a cost-effective way to produce a large volume of product images and optimized listings, freeing up resources for other creative endeavors.

And for a touch of humor, imagine using ProductScope to create an ad for a UFO-themed party accessory. You could place your product in an “alien invasion” backdrop and optimize the listing with keywords like “out-of-this-world party experience”. 🛸

Who is ProductScope for

  • E-commerce brands
  • Marketers
  • Creative agencies
  • Amazon sellers

Pricing & Discount

PlanMonthly PriceAnnual PricePhotos per MonthListing OptimizationsPhoto StorageSupportBeta Features
Starter$19$14/mo100010 uses7 DaysChat SupportNo
Pro$39$28/moUnlimited50 uses30 DaysPriority SupportYes

ProductScope Free Version

Not Available


  • Photos limited by plan.
  • Listing optimizations capped per month.
  • Photo storage duration varies by subscription.


  • Data security is addressed through a “Zero-Retention/Zero Training Policy” with their LLM partner.
  • Learning curve for optimizing listings effectively.
  • Compatibility with only Amazon listings may limit wider e-commerce usage.

Potential Future Developments

  • Expanding integrations beyond Amazon to platforms like eBay or Etsy could benefit a broader range of e-commerce sellers.
  • Introducing AI-driven suggestions for product photography themes based on trending social media aesthetics.
  • Developing a mobile app for on-the-go photo editing and listing optimization.

Ready to transform your product visuals and Amazon listings?

Give ProductScope a try and see the difference it can make in your e-commerce strategy.

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