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Emergent Drums 2: AI Drum Smaple Generation

Get your beats with Emergent Drums AI

Emergent Drums 2 is an innovative plugin powered by artificial intelligence, designed to transform the way you create drum samples. Unlike traditional methods, Emergent Drums 2 generates infinite, royalty-free drum samples from scratch, opening up a world of creative possibilities for music producers and sound designers.

Features & Benefits

  • Endless Creativity: Every sample created by Emergent Drums 2 is entirely original, crafted from the ground up by cutting-edge generative models. No pre-existing recordings are used, ensuring that your drum samples are truly unique.
  • Variations Galore: With the Deep Sampling technology, you can take existing samples, adjust the similarity slider, and generate countless variations. This feature empowers you to explore diverse sounds and textures effortlessly.
  • Dual Sound Models: The AI tool offers two distinct sound models, “Creamy” and “Crunchy.” Creamy delivers beautiful cymbals, deep kicks, and snappy snares, while Crunchy provides high-energy noise, grit, and glitches for experimental sounds.
  • 16-Pad Instrument: Beyond sample generation, Drums plugin functions as a fully-featured 16-pad instrument with MIDI support. Each pad can be individually shaped and routed, allowing for intricate sound design.
  • Versatile Integration: Whether you prefer MIDI control, DAW integration, or exporting samples, Emergent Drums 2 seamlessly fits into your workflow. It adapts to your production style, enhancing your creative process.

Real-world Applications

Emergent Drums 2 finds utility across the music industry. Producers, sound designers, and artists in genres ranging from electronic to experimental can benefit from its creative capabilities. Its versatility makes it a valuable AI tool in modern music production.

Emergent Drums Scenarios

Innovative Film Soundtracks

Picture yourself as a film composer working on a cutting-edge sci-fi movie. Emergent Drums 2 becomes your creative ally in producing futuristic drum samples. Craft unique and otherworldly rhythms that perfectly complement the film’s visual effects, taking the audience on a sonic journey they won’t forget.

Dynamic Video Game Sound Design

Imagine you’re a sound designer for an action-packed video game. Emergent Drums 2 is your go-to tool for creating dynamic and immersive soundscapes. Generate impactful drum samples for in-game action sequences, boss battles, and ambient environments, enhancing the player’s gaming experience.

Experimental Podcast Intro

As a podcast creator exploring the realms of the avant-garde, Emergent Drums 2 opens up possibilities for your show’s intro. Craft a distinctive and unconventional drum sequence that sets the tone for your podcast, leaving your listeners intrigued and eager to dive into your thought-provoking content.

Unique Dancefloor Grooves

You’re a DJ aiming to stand out in the electronic dance music scene. Emergent Drums 2 empowers you to produce one-of-a-kind beats that light up the dancefloor. Create captivating drum patterns that keep the crowd moving and grooving to your distinctive sound.

Signature Drum Samples for Bands

Imagine you’re a music producer working with a rising rock band. Emergent Drums 2 allows you to design signature drum samples that define the band’s sound. Craft powerful, crisp, and memorable drum beats that elevate the band’s music to new heights.

Surreal Art Installation

As an avant-garde artist, you’re conceptualizing a surreal art installation. Emergent Drums 2 becomes an integral part of your sonic experimentation. Generate ethereal and otherworldly drum samples that synchronize with your installation, immersing visitors in an auditory journey through your artistic vision.

Experimental Film Score

You’re a composer tasked with scoring an experimental film. Emergent Drums 2 is your tool to create unconventional and abstract drum samples. Craft rhythms that challenge traditional film scoring, adding an innovative sonic layer to the movie’s narrative.

Soundtrack for Virtual Reality

In the realm of virtual reality experiences, audio plays a critical role in immersion. Emergent Drums 2 assists you in crafting immersive soundtracks for VR environments. Generate drum samples that respond to user interactions, enhancing the sense of presence and engagement within the virtual world.

Unique Jingles for Advertisements

Imagine you’re an advertising agency looking to create memorable jingles. Emergent Drums 2 offers a fresh approach. Design catchy and distinctive drum sequences that serve as the foundation for unforgettable advertising campaigns, leaving a lasting impression on consumers.

Experimental Music Festivals

You’re an organizer of an experimental music festival celebrating unconventional sounds. Emergent Drums 2 is your companion in curating groundbreaking performances. Provide artists with the ability to generate avant-garde drum samples that push the boundaries of musical exploration during the festival.

Pricing & Discount

Emergent Drums 2 is available for a one-time purchase of $79, granting lifetime access to the plugin. This pricing model ensures affordability and long-term value for users. No subscription fees are involved.

Pricing TierPrice
One-time Purchase$79


While the Drums plugin offers exceptional creative potential, it’s essential to consider its limitations. As of now, it operates with an internet connection to generate new samples. Offline use is possible once samples are stored locally. Additionally, Linux support and standalone versions are planned but not currently available.


Users may have concerns about data privacy when using Emergent Drums, as it requires an internet connection for sample generation. While the samples can be used offline, this aspect should be taken into account, especially for those with strict privacy requirements.

Potential Future Developments

The plugin’s future enhancements could include expanded platform support, addressing user requests for Linux compatibility and standalone versions. Continued improvements to the generative models may also result in more diverse and advanced drum sample generation capabilities.

How to Use Emergent Drums

  1. Select Drum Sample Type: Choose the type of drum sample you wish to generate.
  2. Generate Sample: Create a random or similar sample based on your selected type.
  3. Navigate and Tweak: Browse through generated samples and fine-tune the specifics like gain, attack, release, etc.
  4. Drag and Drop: Import samples directly into your DAW for immediate use.

Best Practices

  • Fine-Tuning: Always use the fine-tuning options to adjust gain, attack, release, clip, filter, and pitch for the most tailored sound.
  • Choke Groups and MIDI Assignments: Utilize choke groups and MIDI note assignments for complex rhythms and more natural-sounding drum rolls.
  • Multi-Out Feature: Use this for more precise mixing and mastering control over each drum sample.
  • Compact View: Ideal for single-sample focus without losing the capability to adjust your full kit.

Follow these guidelines for a streamlined and productive drum sample creation experience.

Emergent Drums FAQ

What is Emergent Drums?

Emergent Drums is a top-tier drum sample generation plugin designed to offer an almost infinite variety of unique, royalty-free drum samples.

How Does it Work?

Utilizing an AI model trained on an extensive drum/percussion sample database, Emergent Drums can create a wide array of drum types. Simply select the sample type, and the AI will generate a new, unique sample which you can further refine.

How Many Samples Can I Generate?

Unlimited. Once you own Emergent Drums, the sky is the limit.

Does It Work Offline?

While new sample generation requires an internet connection, all previously generated samples are stored locally for offline use.

Can I Save Samples to My Computer?

Absolutely. Drag and drop your samples directly into your DAW for easy storage.

What Platforms are Supported?

Emergent Drums is available on macOS 10.11 or later and Windows 7 or later, and is compatible with any DAW that supports VST3 and AU (64-bit) plugin formats.

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