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Editby: SEO AI Writer


Editby is a SEO AI writer tool designed to help businesses create SEO-optimized content that ranks well on Google and social media. It provides features to identify opportunities, create unique content, and maintain your brand style.

Features & Benefits

  • SEO Optimization: Offers suggestions for both short-tail and long-tail keywords and provides real-time SERP analysis.
  • Content Integration: Integrates information from multiple sources, including blogs, videos, and papers.
  • Keyword Monitoring: Tracks and monitors your chosen keywords to see how they rank.
  • Custom Templates: Use or create templates to maintain consistent formatting across all content.
  • Brand Consistency: Ensures all content maintains your brand’s unique style and format.
  • Content Insights: AI-powered recommendations for improving content performance.
  • Trending Content Suggestions: Analyzes and suggests content that users are actively searching for.
  • Plagiarism Avoidance: Generates original content, avoiding duplication of source texts or videos.
  • Voice Style Maintenance: Helps create content that respects your personal or brand writing style.
  • Internal Linking: Automatically detects and links existing content within your company.
  • Citation Management: Automatically adds citations and sources within your content.

Editby Platforms

Web app

Editby Tasks

  • Generate SEO-optimized articles
  • Monitor keyword positions
  • Analyze SERP in real-time
  • Integrate content from multiple sources
  • Maintain brand voice and style
  • Provide content performance insights
  • Suggest trending content
  • Detect and avoid plagiarism
  • Manage internal linking
  • Add citations automatically

Editby Integrations

  • WordPress
  • Ghost
  • Any CMS (via export to DOCx)

Real-world applications

Editby can significantly benefit businesses looking to improve their online visibility. For instance, a small marketing agency can use Editby to streamline its content creation process, ensuring that all articles are SEO-optimized and maintain the client’s brand voice. By using custom templates, the agency can quickly generate content that is both unique and consistent. Additionally, the keyword monitoring and SERP analysis features help the agency stay on top of their SEO strategy, adjusting content as needed to improve rankings.

A quirky ice cream shop can use the AI writer to create blog posts about their new flavors. They can ensure each post is SEO-optimized, ranked high on Google, and maintains the shop’s fun and whimsical brand voice. The shop can even link to past flavor announcements automatically and add citations for any quirky flavor inspirations.

Who is Editby for

  • Marketers
  • Copywriters
  • Businesses
  • Content creators
  • Agencies

Pricing & Discount

PlanMonthly PriceUsersFeatures
Starter$39.90125 AI monthly articles, Convert to other platforms, SEO optimization, Keywords monitoring, Default templates
Professional$99.90375 AI monthly articles, Convert to other platforms, SEO optimization, Keywords monitoring, Default templates, Custom templates

Editby Free version

Not available


  • Limited customization of AI-generated content templates.
  • No support for video content creation.
  • Integration limited to exporting content; no direct publishing from the platform.


  • Data Privacy: Ensures data privacy by not storing, sharing, or using user data in their models.
  • Usability: May have a learning curve for those new to AI tools.
  • Cost: Subscription costs may be high for small businesses.
  • Compatibility: Integration mainly through exporting content, requiring manual upload to some platforms.

Potential Future Developments

  • Direct publishing capabilities to major CMS platforms.
  • Enhanced video content creation and optimization tools.
  • More advanced custom template options for varied content types.

Elevate your content strategy with Editby, the AI-powered tool that helps you create SEO-optimized content while maintaining your unique brand style.

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