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CREaiD: Real Estate Financing AI Assistant


CREaiD is an AI-assisted platform designed to support mortgage brokers and investors in the commercial real estate (CRE) financing sector. It provides up-to-date data, trends, and a chatbot for navigating commercial real estate complexities. With CREaiD, users gain insights into the market and connect with a network of professionals for optimal financing decisions.

Features & Benefits

  • Debt Financing Insights: Access real-time data and trends for informed decision-making in the CRE financing landscape.
  • CREaiD AI Chatbot: Instantly get answers to your questions and assistance with transactions, making the process smoother.
  • Commercial Lender Database: Connect with an extensive network of lenders, investors, and brokers tailored to CRE financing.
  • AI-Powered CRE Data: Effortlessly obtain comprehensive commercial real estate data, powered by AI for accuracy and ease of access.
  • Extensive Network and Data Points: With over 1500 verified loan officer contacts and detailed insights from premier lenders, you’re equipped with the most accurate financing data.

CREaiD Platforms

  • Web app

CREaiD Tasks

  • Provide real-time CRE financing data and trends
  • Connect users with a network of CRE professionals
  • Offer instant assistance and answers through an AI chatbot
  • Grant access to a comprehensive commercial lender database

CREaiD Integrations

  • n/a

Real-world applications

CREaiD is a game-changer for anyone involved in commercial real estate financing. Mortgage brokers can leverage the platform to find the best loan options for their clients quickly. Investors benefit from real-time market insights, helping them to make informed decisions about when to buy or sell. CRE professionals can expand their network, connecting with lenders and investors efficiently. Imagine being at a networking event and, instead of swapping business cards, you’re exchanging CREaiD profiles, connecting on a level that ensures mutual benefits in real-time financing data and opportunities. A broker could use CREaiD to host a “finance-a-thon,” where participants compete to structure the best financing deal using data and connections from the platform.

Who is CREaiD for

  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Investors
  • Commercial Real Estate Professionals

Pricing & Discount

LiteFree– CRE Focused Chatbot
– Debt Financing Insights
– 10 Verified Preferred Lenders
– Limited CRE Deal Access
Premium$40 / Per Month– Advanced CRE Chatbot
– Enhanced Debt Financing Insights
– 750 Verified Lenders
– Exclusive CRE Deals

CREaiD Free version



  • The Lite plan has limited access to lender contacts and CRE deal opportunities.
  • Advanced features, including the full lender database and comprehensive data insights, are reserved for Premium subscribers.


  • Keeping data privacy secure while providing extensive insights and connections.
  • Ensuring compatibility across different users’ tech ecosystems.
  • Balancing cost against the platform’s value to various users, from brokers to investors.

Potential Future Developments

  • Integration with CRM platforms for seamless management of contacts and deals.
  • Enhanced analytics for predicting market trends based on AI-driven data analysis.
  • Mobile app version for on-the-go access to CREaiD features and data.

Ready to navigate the complexities of commercial real estate financing with ease? Try CREaiD today.

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