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NewOaks: AI Chatbot Builder for Customer Service and Booking


NewOaks is an AI chatbot builder that helps businesses automate client engagement and appointment booking. By training ChatGPT with specific data, it allows the creation of a customized chat widget for websites and text SMS. This AI can handle inquiries, engage leads, and manage bookings around the clock.

Features & Benefits

  • Conversational Appointment Booking: Enables bookings through website chat and SMS, ensuring high-quality interactions on both platforms.
  • Free Text SMS Chatbot: Provides no-cost SMS chat services, automates client engagement, and offers proactive follow-ups.
  • Bi-Directional Webhooks: Integrates with CRM systems for dynamic data exchange, enhancing client interactions and data management.

NewOaks Platforms

  • Web app, text SMS

NewOaks Tasks

  • Create chatbots trained on specific data
  • Automate client engagement
  • Schedule appointments
  • Send and receive data with CRM systems

NewOaks Integrations

  • CRM systems via bi-directional webhooks

Real-world applications

Businesses can use an AI chatbot to streamline client interactions, from first contact to follow-up. For example, a dental clinic might set up a custom chatbot to handle inquiries about services and schedule appointments, reducing the workload on front-office staff. A retail store could use it to answer product questions and encourage visits or online purchases.

Picture a local library deploying an AI chatbot to guide visitors in reserving study rooms or books. The chatbot could playfully suggest reads based on the weather outside — recommending cozy mysteries during a rainstorm or adventurous tales on sunny days, ensuring patrons always have the perfect book to match their mood.

Who is NewOaks for

  • Businesses looking to automate client engagement
  • Teams aiming to streamline appointment bookings
  • Website owners seeking to enhance user interaction
  • Marketers focusing on lead capture and follow-up

Pricing & Discount

Essential$19/month2 Chatbots, 11M chars data, 2,000 GPT-3.5 messages
Growth$49/month5 Chatbots, 11M chars data, 5,000 GPT-3.5 messages, Appointment Schedule
Professional$99/month10 Chatbots, 11M chars data, 10,000 GPT-3.5 messages, Text SMS, Custom Domain

NewOaks Free version

Not available


  • Text SMS feature only available in the Professional plan.
  • No free plan, but a demo and a free trial upon registration are available.


  • Users must consider the data privacy measures, as data is stored on servers.
  • Understanding and setting up bi-directional webhooks might require technical knowledge.
  • The absence of a free plan may deter some potential users.

Potential Future Developments

Expanding NewOaks to integrate with more third-party apps and social media platforms could further enhance its utility for businesses. Implementing AI-powered analytics to offer insights into customer interactions and engagement effectiveness would also be a valuable addition.

Automate your client engagement and streamline your appointment booking process with a custom AI chatbot.

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