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Chat mate: Navigating AI-Driven Friendships on WhatsApp

Chat mate AI chat on whatsapp


Chat mate is an AI tool that offers users the opportunity to engage in text and voice conversations with artificial intelligent personas. These “mates” are designed to simulate real-life emotions and personalities, providing a unique social experience. The platform primarily operates through WhatsApp, allowing users to chat with their AI mates by sending messages to a designated phone number. Chat mate is a subscription-based service, but it also offers limited free interactions for new and existing users.

Features & Benefits

  • Multilingual Text Chat: Chat mate supports text conversations in multiple languages, including dialects.
  • Photo Reactions: The AI mates can view and react to photos sent by the user.
  • Voice Chat: English voice chat is supported, and the AI mates can respond with voice messages.
  • Proactive Engagement: The AI mates will initiate conversations and check in on you.
  • GPT-3 Integration: The platform is powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3, offering a wide range of conversational capabilities.
  • Personality Awareness: Each AI mate has its own unique personality and adapts its conversation style to match.
  • Chat Commands: Users can manage their interactions through various chat commands like /mate, /usage, and /stop.

Real-world Applications

Chat mate can serve multiple purposes across different industries. In mental health, it can offer a low-stakes environment for people to practice social interactions. For language learners, the multilingual support can be a useful practice tool. In customer service training, the AI mates can simulate various customer personalities for role-playing exercises. The tool can also be used for entertainment or as a unique social experiment.

Pricing & Discount

Subscription TypePriceFree MessagesAdditional Features
Free$015/weekLimited Functionality
Monthly$12/moUnlimitedFull Access


  • Limited to WhatsApp: No support for other messaging platforms.
  • Weekly message limit for free users can be restrictive.
  • Voice chat is only available in English.


  • Data Privacy: As the platform operates on WhatsApp, users may have concerns about data storage and usage.
  • Usability: The reliance on chat commands may not be intuitive for all users.
  • Compatibility: Limited to users who have access to WhatsApp and can pay via supported methods.

Potential Future Developments

Given the current trajectory, Chat mate could expand to other messaging platforms or integrate additional AI technologies for more nuanced interactions. There’s also potential for industry-specific customization, such as AI mates trained for healthcare or education.

How to Use Chat mate

  1. Send a message to +41 78 238 67 31 on WhatsApp.
  2. Use /mate #ID to connect with a specific AI mate.
  3. Start chatting and use additional commands as needed.

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