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Beru AI, content creation platform

UPDATE AUGUST 2023. Beru AI seems to be offline.

Beru AI is an AI-powered content creation platform designed to streamline content production and management for users across various industries. It offers a range of features, including AI-generated content, templates, specialized chatbots, and support for multiple languages. This article provides an objective overview of Beru AI’s core features, benefits, and real-world applications, as well as a look into potential future developments and limitations.

Beru AI dashboard view

Beru AI Core Features

AI-Powered Content Creation

Beru AI’s content generation capabilities span a wide range of content typesfrom AI copywriting to creating video scripts:

Users can leverage Beru AI’s templates to kickstart their content creation process, addressing common challenges such as writer’s block or procrastination.

Templates for Content Creation

Users have various templates at their disposal to simplify content creation tasks, including:

These templates are designed to guide the AI in generating content that fits the specific needs of users.

Managing multiple projects with Beru AI

Specialized AI Chatbots

Beru AI features specialized AI chatbots across different domains, such as advertising, business planning, psychology, and journalism. Users can engage in personalized and efficient conversations with these expert chatbots to gain insights or advice related to their domain.

Multi-Language Support

Beru AI supports several languages, including English, 简体中文, Deutsch, Português, Русский, 日本語, and Română. This allows users to navigate the platform and generate content in their preferred language.

Beru AI Benefits and Real-World Applications

The platform offers various benefits to its users, such as:

  1. Streamlined content creation and management
  2. AI-generated content that reduces time and effort spent on writing tasks
  3. Access to specialized domain knowledge through AI chatbots
  4. Multi-language support for global users

Some real-world applications of Beru AI include:

  • Content marketers generating SEO-optimized blog posts
  • E-commerce businesses creating product descriptions
  • Social media managers crafting engaging posts
  • Job seekers building professional resumes

Beru AI Pricing and Payment Options

Beru AI offers a unique pricing model, focusing on a one-time purchase and pay-as-you-go system for words usage. As of today, the payment option is not yet available.

One-Time Purchase

Access to the platform can be purchased for a single payment of $29 or $23 (it’s not very clear), with no ongoing subscription fees. This one-time fee grants users:

  • Full access to the dashboard
  • All templates
  • Access to domain-specific chatbots
  • Unlimited projects
  • 20,000 words

Pay-as-You-Go Words Usage

After the initial purchase, users can buy additional words as needed within the app. This pay-as-you-go system allows for flexibility in how much content can be generated.

However, we tried the payment button which supposedly has to work with Stripe, but it’s not active yet.

Future Developments and Limitations

While Beru AI presents several advantages, it is essential to consider potential future developments and limitations.

Future Developments

Possible future developments for Beru AI could include:

  1. Expansion of AI chatbot domains to cover more specialized areas
  2. Integration with other project management or content creation tools
  3. Improved AI algorithms to generate more accurate and nuanced content


Some limitations of Beru AI may include:

  1. AI-generated content may require human editing to ensure accuracy, tone, and context
  2. Limited understanding of highly specialized or niche topics
  3. Dependence on the quality of input data for generating relevant content


Beru AI is a promising platform for content creation and management, offering AI-powered content generation, templates, specialized chatbots, and multi-language support. While it has its limitations, it presents several benefits to users in various industries. As the platform continues to develop and improve, it has the potential to become an even more valuable tool for content creators and managers worldwide.

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