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Asana Intelligence


Asana Intelligence enhances the Asana platform by integrating AI to improve work management. It helps teams organize, summarize, and optimize their tasks and projects, leading to better collaboration and efficiency. The feature which will bring AI tools to Asana will be available in June 2024 but only for the paid plans.

Features & Benefits

  • Smart Fields: Auto-generate custom fields for better project organization.
  • Smart Summaries: Summarize tasks and comments to identify key points and action items.
  • Smart Editor: Improve writing clarity and formatting.
  • Smart Status: Quickly create status updates, highlighting risks and roadblocks.
  • Smart Answers: Provide insights and next steps for tasks and projects.
  • Smart Digests: Get summarized updates on project changes.


Web app

Asana Intelligence Tasks

  • Generate custom fields
  • Summarize tasks and comments
  • Edit and format responses
  • Create status updates
  • Answer questions about tasks
  • Summarize project changes

Asana Integrations

  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Salesforce
  • Slack
  • Zoom
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Jira
  • Tableau

Real-World Applications

Asana Intelligence is useful for teams looking to enhance productivity and streamline project management. Marketing teams can use Smart Summaries to quickly understand campaign feedback. Product managers can rely on Smart Status to monitor project progress and identify potential delays. Customer support teams can leverage Smart Answers to respond to common queries efficiently. Imagine using Smart Digests to catch up on a week’s worth of project updates in minutes before a Monday morning meeting.

Who is Asana Intelligence for

  • Marketers
  • Product managers
  • Customer support teams
  • Project managers

Asana Pricing & Discount

Starter$13.49/moIncludes Asana Intelligence (AI)
Advanced$30.49/moIncludes Asana Intelligence (AI)

Asana Intelligence Free version

Not available


  • Asana AI features only in the paid plans
  • Dependent on internet access
  • Learning curve for new users


  • Data privacy: Handling sensitive project data
  • Usability: Complexity for beginners
  • Compatibility: Integration with existing tools

Potential Future Developments

  • Smart Reporting: AI-generated charts and visualizations based on user data.
  • Smart Workflows: Automated workflow creation based on specific goals.
  • Smart Onboarding: AI-driven onboarding for new hires to get them up to speed quickly.

Explore how Asana Intelligence can transform your team’s work management with AI-enhanced tools.

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