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Archbee: Documentation and Team Collaboration Platform

Archbee AI documentation portals


Archbee is a robust platform designed to create, manage, and share documentation. It’s particularly tailored for technical content, allowing teams to collaborate in real-time, and integrates AI to assist in writing and maintaining documentation. Archbee can be used as a web application and offers a range of features including real-time editing, team reviews, custom blocks, and domain-specific sharing options.

Features & Benefits

  • Write Assistance: Uses AI to generate, summarize, and rewrite documentation, potentially speeding up the documentation process by up to 50%.
  • Multiplayer Functionality: Enables real-time collaboration, allowing team members to comment and provide feedback on content.
  • Team Reviews: Facilitates content verification and updating, with options to assign subject matter experts and set watchers for documents.
  • Custom Blocks: Offers over 30 types of custom blocks including images, videos, API references, and diagrams for interactive and organized content.
  • Domain and App Integration: Allows publishing on a custom subdomain or directly within an app, customizable with CSS.
  • User Authentication: Enhances security and provides insights into user activity.
  • Instant AI-Powered Answers: Delivers instant responses to user, API, billing, and code-related questions.

Archbee Tasks

  • Document generation and maintenance
  • Real-time collaboration and commenting
  • Team-based content review and verification
  • Customized content presentation
  • Publishing documentation on specific domains or within apps
  • User authentication and activity tracking
  • Automated answering of technical and billing queries

Archbee Integrations

  • GitHub: Markdown content management and doc site building
  • Intercom: Customizable messaging suite
  • Zendesk: Unified search integration
  • Slack: Team collaboration and file sharing
  • Jira: Project management
  • Zapier: Task automation with various apps
  • Trello: Project organization
  • Loom, OpenAPI Swagger, GraphQL, Codepen, Numeracy: Various tools for content creation and management
  • Figma, Lucidchart, Miro, Typeform, Airtable: Design and data tools
  • Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, SAML, Google SSO, Microsoft SSO: Integration with popular productivity tools
  • Google Analytics, Mode Analytics, LaTeX,, Mermaid Diagrams: Analytics, notation, diagram, and chart tools

Real-world applications

Archbee is valuable across various industries, especially those requiring extensive documentation and team collaboration. It is ideal for tech companies, software development teams, and educational institutions. Product managers and developers can use it to maintain up-to-date documentation, while customer support teams can leverage its instant answer feature to improve customer service. Marketing teams can use it to create and manage content, while HR departments can utilize it for internal knowledge sharing and onboarding.

Who is Archbee for

  • Developers
  • Technical Writers
  • Project Managers
  • Customer Support Teams
  • Educational Institutions
  • Marketing Teams
  • HR Departments

Pricing & Discount

GrowingStandard features, unlimited readers and project spaces, public/private portals, custom domain & branding, password protection$60/mo
Scaling (Most Popular)Includes Growing features, full branding control, review system, content versioning & localization, advanced access control$250/mo
EnterpriseEverything in Scaling, all addons, SAML, invoicing options, onboarding & training, white-glove migration$1200/mo
DiscountsAnnual subscriptions offer a 20% discount

Archbee Free version – Not available ❌


  • Archbee may have a learning curve for non-technical users.
  • The platform’s advanced features might be overkill for small teams or simple projects.
  • Lack of a free version could deter small businesses or individual users.


Users may have concerns regarding the complexity of features, data privacy, and compatibility with their existing tools. The AI-powered answer system’s accuracy in handling complex technical queries might also be a concern.

Potential Future Developments

Future enhancements might include improved AI capabilities for even more precise documentation assistance, broader integration options, and more user-friendly interfaces for non-technical users.

Call to Action

Explore how Archbee can streamline your documentation and team collaboration by trying their services today.

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