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Voicify: AI Voice Covers

Voicify AI cover and AI voice generation

UPDATE April 2024: Vocify has been rebranded to Jammable

Voicify is a platform designed to transform the way users create and customize voice covers using AI technology. It offers a wide range of models for generating voices across various categories, including music, cartoons, anime, gaming, and even public figures. The platform provides tools for creating high-quality AI covers quickly and efficiently, catering to both casual users and professional creators.

Features & Benefits

  • AI Models Across Genres: Voicify boasts an extensive collection of AI voice models ranging from musical instruments and cartoon characters to anime, gaming icons, and public figures. This diversity allows users to explore creative avenues in voice generation.
  • Custom Model Training: Users have the opportunity to train custom models using their own datasets, enabling the creation of unique voiceovers, music demos, or even converting songs into the voices of their favorite characters or loved ones.
  • Privacy of Custom Models: Voicify ensures that custom voice models remain private, accessible only to the creator, providing a layer of security and exclusivity.
  • Rapid Model Training: The platform promises a quick turnaround time for training custom models, ranging from 1-6 hours, facilitating swift creation processes.
  • AI Vocal Toolkit: Voicify includes tools like AI Acapella Extractor, AI Reverb Remover, and an upcoming AI Silence Remover to enhance vocal recordings by removing unwanted elements and improving sound quality.


  • Web app


  • Generate voice covers in various genres (music, cartoons, anime, gaming, public figures)
  • Train custom voice models on personal datasets
  • Convert text to speech
  • Extract acapella from songs
  • Remove reverb from vocal recordings


  • n/a

Real-world Applications

Voicify is suitable for a wide range of industries and personal projects. Music producers can utilize the AI platform to generate unique background vocals or experiment with different vocal styles. Podcast creators and video producers can create custom voiceovers to add variety to their content without the need for multiple voice actors. Game developers can benefit from custom voice models to create diverse character voices, enhancing the gaming experience. Educational content creators can use the AI tool to generate voices for animated characters or narrations in multiple languages. Marketing professionals can create engaging voice content for campaigns or social media. Additionally, hobbyists and enthusiasts in the fields of anime, cartoons, and gaming can create personalized content featuring their favorite characters.

Who is Voicify for

  • Content creators
  • Music producers
  • Podcasters
  • Game developers
  • Educational content creators
  • Marketing professionals
  • Hobbyists and enthusiasts in anime, cartoons, and gaming

Pricing & Discount

PlanPriceCustom ModelsOther Benefits
Credits$2.99/month25 Credits, Essential AI Vocal Toolkit
Creator$24.99/month3 MonthlyUnlimited Credits, Priority Queue, 24/7 Support
Power User$89.99/month10 MonthlyEarly Access, Priority Queue, 24/7 Support

Free version

Not available


Voicify’s main limitations may include the need for specific technical knowledge to fully utilize custom model training features. Additionally, the platform’s reliance on credits for conversions might limit extensive use for users on the basic plan.


Potential user concerns could include the privacy and security of custom voice models, especially for those creating models based on personal or sensitive audio data. The effectiveness and accuracy of voice generation, particularly for complex or nuanced voice tones, may also be a consideration. Furthermore, the cost of higher-tier plans might be prohibitive for some users.

Potential Future Developments

Future improvements could include the expansion of voice model libraries to encompass a broader range of languages and dialects, enhancing the platform’s global appeal. Improvements in AI technology for more accurate voice emotion and tone mimicry could also enhance user experience. Additionally, developing a more intuitive user interface for custom model training could make the platform accessible to a wider audience.

Explore Voicify today and transform your voice projects with AI.

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