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Peech: AI-Powered Video Creation for Content Teams

Peech AI video platform


Peech is an AI video platform designed for marketing teams to streamline their content marketing efforts. Utilizing natural language processing (NLP) technology, Peech enables teams to generate an unlimited number of high-quality, engaging videos to scale their video creation process in alignment with their overall marketing strategy.


Peech Creation Flows

Peech offers different creation flows to cater to various content needs:

  1. Peech for Webinars: Automatically generate short-form videos from webinars, ready for publishing.
  2. Peech for Podcasts: Visualize audio content to create short-form videos and expand brand presence.
  3. Peech for Testimonials: Execute the testimonial video creation process automatically to generate more leads.
  4. Peech for Studios: Empower in-house creative teams to leverage Peech’s technology and create unlimited content.

Automatic Video Editing

Peech’s automatic editing process allows users to generate professional, ready-to-publish videos within seconds. Users can:

  • Manage content in a smart library
  • Edit video content easily, similar to editing a document
  • Auto-generate subtitles with highlighted keywords
  • Calibrate automatic editing to fit their brand
  • Incorporate professional visual elements to empower content

Optimized and Branded Videos

Peech can edit, optimize, and brand videos for any goal and video type, just like a video expert would. Users can:

  • Calibrate automatic editing to fit marketing goals
  • Auto-generate visual elements to empower messages
  • Embed music to deliver content messages
  • Access inspiration, trends, and benchmark in an explorer portal

Video Repurposing

Peech can repurpose any video footage to help users get the most out of their webinars, testimonials, or events. Users can:

  • Localize content for different audiences
  • Fit aspect ratios to different social media channels
  • Summarize content to catch the audience’s eye
  • Translate videos to different languages
  • Generate versions for A/B testing

Peech Benefits

Resource Saving

The platform enables users to get more value from their videos by generating unlimited versions with different styles to fit any marketing goal, without using additional resources.


Users can produce professionally edited and branded video content with customizable design elements, without needing to be a graphic designer, video editor, or animator.


Peech removes video creation bottlenecks, allowing users to scale their content creation process and turn their content team into unstoppable creators.

Peech Pricing

The AI video platform offers a Freemium plan for users who want to test out the platform, a Pro plan for those who want more brand tools and pro features, and a Teams plan for teams that want to accelerate growth. Pricing ranges from $0/month for the Freemium plan to $449/month for the Teams plan.

Limitations and Concerns

While Peech provides an impressive set of features and capabilities, potential limitations may include language support and the extent of customization available. Additionally, privacy concerns may arise when handling sensitive content or proprietary information.

Future Developments

As AI technology continues to advance, Peech may incorporate additional features, such as more extensive language support, improved content generation capabilities, and advanced customization options. This will enable Peech to remain competitive and better serve its users.


Peech is a powerful AI video platform designed for marketing teams, offering a wide range of features to streamline content marketing efforts. With automated video editing and repurposing capabilities, Peech allows users to save resources, gain expertise, and scale their content creation process. Although there are some limitations and concerns, Peech’s potential for future developments makes it an

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