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Soona: Creative Content Management


Soona is a comprehensive platform designed for brands to create, manage, and measure professional and user-generated content (UGC). It serves as a virtual studio for product photography and video, a digital asset management (DAM) system, and a visual performance analytics tool.

Features & Benefits

Soona offers a range of features aimed at streamlining content creation, organization, and performance measurement.

  • Virtual Studio:
    • Create product photos and videos
    • Use models and lifestyle sets
    • Resize, remove, change, or blur backgrounds
    • Add text and shadows to images
  • Digital Asset Management:
    • Organize and manage assets by products and ASINs
    • Upload and manage your own photos
    • Sync and publish product catalogs with Amazon and Shopify
  • Performance Measurement:
    • AI-powered visual analytics
    • Compare product listings against industry standards
    • Analyze competitor visuals to identify opportunities

Soona Platforms

  • Web app

Soona Tasks

  • Create product photos and videos
  • Edit images (resize, remove/change/blur background, add text/shadows)
  • Organize digital assets
  • Sync and publish product catalogs
  • Measure visual performance of creative assets
  • Compare listings against competitors

Soona Integrations

  • Amazon
  • Shopify

Real-world applications

Soona transforms the way brands handle their product photography and video needs. Imagine a small e-commerce business needing high-quality photos for their latest product launch. They can book a virtual shoot, choose props and backdrops, and receive edited photos within 24 hours. The DAM feature helps them organize these photos by product, ensuring easy access and streamlined workflows. They can instantly publish these assets on Amazon or Shopify with one click.

The measurement tool offers a way to gauge the effectiveness of these photos, providing insights into how they stack up against competitors. This helps brands make informed decisions on how to optimize their visual content for better performance.

Picture this: You’ve got a new product that looks fantastic in photos, but you notice it’s not performing as well as competitors on Amazon. Soona’s visual analytics reveal that the background color isn’t appealing to your target audience. You quickly adjust the background color and add some shadows to make the product pop. Sales start to improve, and you realize that small tweaks can make a big difference.

Who is Soona for

  • E-commerce brands
  • Marketing teams
  • Product managers
  • Content creators
  • Small businesses

Pricing & Discount

BasicPay as you go$39/photo, $93/video clip
Preferred 50Starting at $1,95050+ photos, free premium edits
Preferred 200Starting at $7,400200+ photos, free premium edits, account management
Preferred 500Starting at $17,500500+ photos, free premium edits, account management, preferred scheduling, dedicated crew, 20% off pro services

Soona Free version

Not available


  • No free version available
  • Cost may be prohibitive for very small businesses
  • Requires learning curve for optimal use of all features


  • Data privacy regarding content uploaded to the platform
  • Usability and ease of navigation for first-time users
  • Compatibility with other e-commerce platforms beyond Amazon and Shopify
  • Initial cost and ongoing expenses for small businesses

Potential Future Developments

Soona could expand its integrations to include more e-commerce platforms like Etsy and WooCommerce. Adding more advanced editing tools, such as automated color correction and AI-based image enhancement, would further enhance the platform’s offerings. Expanding the virtual studio capabilities to include 360-degree product views and interactive content creation could also provide additional value.

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