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SlideSpeak: AI-Powered Document Assistant

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SlideSpeak is an AI tool designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of working with PowerPoint, Word, and PDF files. It leverages AI, specifically ChatGPT technology, to assist users in summarizing and generating presentations from these document types.


The AI presentation maker SlideSpeak operates primarily as a web-based platform. It allows users to upload PowerPoint, Word, or PDF files, and then employs AI to provide services such as summarizing these documents or creating PowerPoint presentations from them. Additionally, the platform offers a unique feature where users can interact with their documents by asking questions directly to the uploaded content.

Features & Benefits

  • Summarize with AI:
    • Summarize PowerPoints, Word, and PDF documents using AI.
  • Generate Presentation with AI:
    • Create PowerPoint presentations from text within uploaded documents.
  • Chat with Documents:
    • Engage in a ChatGPT-like interaction with document content, enhancing user understanding and document accessibility.

SlideSpeak Tasks

  • Summarizing PowerPoint, Word, and PDF files.
  • Generating PowerPoint presentations from text.
  • Allowing users to chat with and ask questions about their documents.

SlideSpeak Integrations

  • Import files from various cloud storage platforms.

Real-world Applications

SlideSpeak can be particularly beneficial in industries like education, marketing, and corporate sectors where presentations and document management are frequent tasks. Educators can use it to quickly summarize or create presentations from extensive research papers or educational materials. Marketers might find it helpful in turning market research data into concise presentations. Corporate professionals can leverage it to condense lengthy reports or create briefings from comprehensive documents. The tool’s ability to chat with documents adds an interactive dimension to document handling, making it useful for anyone needing to quickly extract or understand information from complex files.

Who is SlideSpeak for

  • Educators
  • Marketers
  • Corporate Professionals
  • Researchers
  • Students

Pricing & Discount

PlanPrice per MonthFiles LimitChatGPT VersionFile Size LimitReply Length
Free Plan$0Upload 1 FileChatGPT 3.550 MBLimited
Premium$14Up to 50 FilesChatGPT 4No LimitLonger
Premium Plus$19Unlimited FilesChatGPT 4No LimitLonger

SlideSpeak Free Version – Available


  • Limited file size and reply length in the free plan of the AI presentation maker.
  • The AI tool currently supports only PowerPoint, Word, and PDF documents.


Users may have concerns regarding:

  • Data Privacy: How the tool handles confidential documents.
  • Usability: The learning curve for interacting effectively with documents.
  • Compatibility: Integration with other software or platforms.

Potential Future Developments

Considering the tool’s trajectory and industry trends, SlideSpeak may evolve to include:

  • Enhanced AI capabilities for more in-depth document analysis and interaction.
  • Expansion to support additional document formats.
  • Improved integration with other productivity tools and platforms.

Free Tools Offered by SlideSpeak

  • Compress PowerPoint
  • Convert PowerPoint to PDF
  • Convert PowerPoint to PSD
  • Convert PowerPoint to Figma

Explore the potential of the AI presentation maker SlideSpeak. Experience the ease of summarizing and creating presentations from your documents.

Try SlideSpeak free today!

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