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Decktopus: AI Presentation Maker

Decktopus AI presentation generator


Decktopus is an AI presentation maker that simplifies the process of creating professional presentations. By utilizing artificial intelligence, it enables users to generate presentations quickly. The platform offers a variety of features like image and icon finders, slide notes maker, content suggestions, forms, voice recording, custom domain integration, webhook, and the ability to embed URLs and videos. Decktopus is designed to cater to a wide range of needs, from sales and marketing to webinars and business development, making it an all-encompassing tool for creating presentations that engage and inform.

Features & Benefits

  • Image & Icon Finder: Automatically finds relevant images and icons, reducing the time spent on stock photo websites.
  • Slide Notes Maker: Generates tailored slide notes for specific topics and audiences.
  • Content Suggestions: Offers additional talking points to enrich presentations.
  • Built-In Tools:
    • Forms for real-time information and feedback collection.
    • Voice Recorder to add personal audio narration.
    • Custom Domain for a personalized branding experience.
    • Webhook for automating actions and streamlining workflows.
    • Embed URLs and Videos to enhance presentations with multimedia elements.
    • Easy Update allows content updates without changing the share link.
  • AI Presentation Maker: Guides users through creating presentations tailored to their topic, audience, purpose, and desired duration.

Decktopus Platforms

  • Web app

Decktopus Tasks

  • Generate presentations with AI assistance.
  • Create sales, one-pager, and proposal decks.
  • Design webinar and outreach decks.
  • Collect leads with customizable forms.
  • Record voice over presentations.
  • Embed multimedia elements in presentations.

Decktopus Integrations

  • Custom domain
  • Webhook
  • n/a for other specific platform integrations

Real-world applications

The AI presentation maker serves multiple industries by providing an efficient tool for creating engaging and informative presentations. Sales teams can utilize Decktopus to craft customized sales decks that stand out, helping to close deals more effectively. Founders and startups can benefit from its pitch and showcase decks to attract investors and demonstrate niche expertise. Educators and trainers can use the platform to create educational webinars and instructional materials, enhancing the learning experience. Marketing professionals can leverage Decktopus for lead generation and email campaigns, creating decks that capture attention and convey value. Business developers find it useful for partnership and guideline decks, streamlining communication. Finally, content creators and online business owners can use Decktopus to improve their online presence and engagement, making it a versatile tool across various domains.

Who is Decktopus for

  • Marketers
  • Sales Professionals
  • Educators
  • Business Developers
  • Founders
  • Content Creators

Pricing & Discount

PRO$14.99/month750 AI credits, Remove Decktopus logo, Analytics, 1 user
BUSINESS$48/user/month1000 AI credits per user, Custom domain, Branding options, Webhook, Team creation

Decktopus Free version

Not available


Decktopus might not cater to users looking for AI presentation maker with highly advanced customization or those requiring specific integrations not supported by the platform. The AI-generated content, while efficient, may require manual adjustments to meet specific user preferences or objectives.


Potential concerns include the limitation on AI credits, which may restrict how much users can generate without upgrading plans. Privacy and data security are always considerations, especially when dealing with sensitive information in AI generated presentations. Additionally, users new to AI tools might face a learning curve in navigating and maximizing the platform’s features.

Potential Future Developments

Future improvements could include an expansion of AI credits in lower-tier plans, broader integration with other tools and platforms, and enhanced customization options for a more tailored user experience. Improving AI algorithms for content generation could also enhance the relevancy and quality of automated slide notes and content suggestions.

Decktopus offers a streamlined, AI-powered solution for creating presentations. Its comprehensive set of features caters to a wide array of presentation needs, making it a valuable tool for professionals across industries.

Try Decktopus today to enhance your presentation creation process.

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