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Legaliser: AI Contract Management


Legaliser simplifies contract management with AI-driven analysis, intuitive drafting tools, and a variety of customizable templates. This platform helps users efficiently create, organize, and review legal documents.

Features & Benefits

  • AI-Summarized Contracts
    • AI summarizes contracts and chats, highlighting key points and obligations.
  • Comprehensive Clause Ratings
    • Automatically evaluates clauses for compliance and provides enhancement suggestions.
  • Template Contracts Library
    • Offers a broad library of customizable, AI-enhanced legal templates.
  • Documents Organization
    • Customizable folders to organize contracts and documents.
  • AI-Powered Contract Edits
    • Provides AI recommendations to refine contract clauses.
  • Collaborative Document Editing (Coming soon)
    • Supports AI-guided collaborative drafting in a Google Docs-like setting.

Legaliser Platforms

Web app

Legaliser Tasks

  • Summarize contracts and chats
  • Highlight key points and obligations
  • Evaluate and enhance clauses for compliance
  • Provide AI recommendations for contract edits
  • Organize contracts and documents

Legaliser Integrations


Real-world applications

Legaliser can be highly beneficial in several scenarios. Law firms can use the AI tool to streamline the drafting and review process, ensuring that all documents meet industry standards and are clearly written. Corporate legal departments can manage their contract library more effectively, with customizable folders and AI-driven summaries to keep track of key obligations and deadlines. Freelancers and small business owners can quickly draft contracts using templates tailored to their needs, saving time and reducing the risk of missing important details.

Imagine you’re negotiating a contract with a new client. Instead of manually poring over each clause, Legaliser’s AI summarizes the key points, highlights potential compliance issues, and suggests improvements. This not only speeds up the process but also ensures you don’t overlook critical elements. Plus, you can store all your documents in organized folders, making future reference a breeze.

For a bit of fun, Legaliser could even help you draft the terms for your next neighborhood cookout agreement, ensuring everyone brings the right dish and agrees on cleanup duties!

Who is Legaliser for

  • Law firms
  • Corporate legal departments
  • Freelancers
  • Small business owners

Pricing & Discount

Free TrialOne timeFree4
Pay As You GoOne time$7.51

All plans include:

Upload and analyze, Detailed insights, Access to US & UK templates, Email support

Legaliser Free versionAvailable


  • Collaborative document editing feature is not yet available.
  • Limited to web app platform only.


  • Data privacy: Ensuring the confidentiality of sensitive legal documents.
  • Usability: Learning to navigate and fully utilize the AI features.
  • Compatibility: Limited to the web app without mobile or desktop applications.

Potential Future Developments

Future additions could include mobile and desktop applications to increase accessibility. Integration with popular document management systems like Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive could streamline workflow further. Enhanced collaborative features and real-time AI suggestions during contract negotiations would also be beneficial.

Discover how Legaliser can transform your contract management. Start your free trial today and experience seamless document drafting and organization with AI-powered insights.

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