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Prometai: AI Business Plan Generator


Prometai is an AI business plang generator. The AI tool is designed to help users create comprehensive business plans. It guides users through each step of the planning process, making it easier to turn business ideas into actionable plans. With Prometai, entrepreneurs can generate business plans and valuations seamlessly, ensuring their strategies align with their vision and industry standards.

Features & Benefits

  • Strategy Toolkit: Offers tools like SWOT Analysis and Porter’s Five Forces for strategic planning.
  • Precision Valuation: Provides tools for accurate business valuation, including DCF and Multiples.
  • Blueprint: Guides users in creating business plans with structured content and guidelines.
  • Security: Ensures data protection with advanced security technologies.
  • Financial Reporting & Analysis: Simplifies financial planning and analysis with clear guidance and tools.
  • AI-Powered Assistance: Utilizes AI for content generation and section-by-section guidance.
  • Educational Insights: Offers learning resources throughout the planning process.

Prometai Platforms

  • Web app

Prometai Tasks

  • Generate comprehensive business plans
  • Conduct detailed financial analysis and reporting
  • Perform SWOT Analysis
  • Apply Porter’s Five Forces analysis
  • Use VRIO framework for assessing competitive advantage
  • Conduct PESTEL analysis for macro-environmental factors
  • Utilize the Strategy Canvas for strategic positioning
  • Create precise business valuations using DCF, Multiples, Residual Value, and Dividend Model
  • Develop mission and vision statements for businesses
  • Identify and analyze business phases and stakeholders
  • Outline business pain points
  • Guide through the creation of business strategy and financial planning sections
  • Offer section-by-section guidance for business plan development
  • Provide educational insights on each aspect of the business plan

Prometai Integrations

  • n/a

Real-world applications

Prometai is useful for everyone from first-time entrepreneurs to experienced business owners looking to update their strategies. It helps students understand business planning and financial analysts provide better insights. And just for a chuckle, imagine if historical figures had an AI business plan generator – Julius Caesar could have used it to plan better supply lines for his legions, or Shakespeare to strategize a global theater franchise. The possibilities are endless…

Who is Prometai for

  • Startups
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small business owners
  • Financial analysts
  • Students studying business

Pricing & Discount

Free$0Basic features, PDF export (with watermark), 1 business plan per month
Basic$98/moPDF export (no watermark), 3 business plans, 500 AI requests
Advanced$598/moCustomizable templates, business plan sharing, 5,000 AI requests

Prometai Free version



  • Custom Template Creation: Users cannot create or customize their own templates for business plans.
  • Industry-Specific Guidance: Lack of tailored guidance for specific industries or niches, potentially making some advice too general.
  • Integration Capabilities: No mention of direct integration with other business tools or platforms for seamless data import/export.
  • Collaboration Features: The platform does not explicitly offer collaboration tools for teams to work on business plans together.


  • Data Privacy: Ensures protection but users should be aware of the need for secure data handling.
  • Usability: Requires familiarity with business concepts, though it provides educational insights.
  • Cost: The free AI business plan generator is limited, and higher-tier plans might be expensive for some users.

Potential Future Developments

  • Integration with Financial Software: Direct integration with accounting software could streamline financial planning.
  • Customizable Templates for Different Industries: More industry-specific templates would enhance usability for diverse businesses.
  • Enhanced AI Customization: Allowing users to input more detailed instructions for AI-generated content could improve plan relevance.

Embark on your business planning journey with Prometai and turn your business ideas into actionable, strategic plans with ease and precision.

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