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PlainScribe: Audio & Video Transcription

PlainScribe Audio and Video speech to text transcription


PlainScribe is a digital tool designed to transcribe, translate, and summarize media files such as audio and video. It supports multiple file formats and a variety of languages, allowing users to upload files up to 100MB for processing. The platform operates on a flexible Pay-As-You-Go pricing model and ensures data privacy by deleting user files after 7 days.

Features & Benefits

  • Media Transcription: Transcribe audio and video files in over 50 languages, making it versatile for multi-language operations.
  • Translation: Translate transcribed media to English, breaking language barriers and allowing for broader content accessibility.
  • Summarization: Summarizes each 15-minute chunk of transcript to help users grasp key points quickly.
  • File Support: Accepts a wide range of popular media formats, including MP3, MP4, AVI, and many more.
  • Flexible Payment: Pay only for what you use, making it cost-effective for projects of all sizes.
  • Data Security: Automatically deletes user files after 7 days for enhanced privacy.
  • CSV & Subtitle Exports: Allows downloading of transcripts in CSV and subtitle formats (SRT/VTT).

Real-world Applications

PlainScribe can be valuable across various industries. In media and entertainment, it can assist in content localization and subtitle generation. For legal firms, it can quickly transcribe court hearings or client consultations. In the academic field, it can be used to transcribe lectures or interviews for research. Businesses can use it for transcribing meetings and summarizing important discussions. It also offers utility for individual transcriptionists as an initial step to generate accurate transcriptions.

Here’s the transcription of 90 some Chevy by Oliver Anthony

According to the PlainsCribe summary:

The transcript appears to be a conversation or song lyrics about a beloved old car, likened to a 90s Chevy. The speaker expresses admiration for the sound of the engine and the joy of driving it. They mention coming home after a hard day and wanting to relax by listening to nature sounds and enjoying a drink with someone special. The speaker also mentions that the car represents a certain lifestyle and that they may need to commit further by getting a “ring.” Overall, the transcript portrays a nostalgic and sentimental view of a cherished vehicle.


Pricing & Discount

Service PricingPrice
Pack (300 minutes)
No subscription lock-ups.
Try 15 minutes for free 15 min

PlainScribe Free version

Not available


  • Does not offer monthly or annual subscription plans, which could be more economical for heavy users.
  • Data is deleted after 7 days, which might be limiting for those who want longer-term storage.
  • Supports translation only to English, restricting non-English translations.


  • Data Privacy: Although the platform deletes files after 7 days, it uses third-party APIs for transcription and summarization and is not responsible for their data handling.
  • Usability: No information is available about being a web app, mobile app, or browser extension, which could affect user experience.
  • Compatibility: While it supports many file formats, users should test with their specific requirements due to the absence of a comprehensive list.

Potential Future Developments

Given the current trajectory, future updates may include the support for more languages, both for transcription and translation. A more diversified pricing structure catering to various user needs can also be anticipated. Enhanced data security measures may be implemented, considering current concerns around third-party APIs.

How to Use PlainScribe

  1. Upload your media files for transcription.
  2. Select options for translation or summarization if needed.
  3. Download your results in either CSV or subtitle formats.

Best Practices for PlainScribe

  • Confirm file formats before uploading.
  • Leverage the summarization feature for lengthy transcripts.
  • Use the Pay-As-You-Go model to accurately estimate project costs.

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