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Cockatoo: AI-Powered Transcription Service

Cockatoo AI video/audio to text converter


Cockatoo is an AI-driven transcription platform, designed to convert audio or video files into text or subtitles rapidly and accurately. Functioning as a web-based application, it allows users to upload audio or video files and receive transcripts in a variety of formats within seconds. Boasting superhuman speech-to-text accuracy, Cockatoo stands out for its ability to handle transcriptions in over 90 languages.

Features & Benefits

  • Superhuman Accuracy: Achieves up to 99% accuracy, surpassing human transcription capabilities.
  • Rapid Transcription: Transcribes 1 hour of audio in 2-3 minutes, significantly faster than manual transcription.
  • Multi-language Support: Offers transcription services in more than 90 languages and dialects globally.
  • Versatile File Compatibility: Accepts various audio and video file formats for transcription.
  • Affordable Pricing: Provides flexible pricing plans suitable for different budgets.
  • Easy-to-Use Interface: Simplified drag-and-drop functionality for uploading files.
  • Diverse Export Options: Allows downloading transcripts in formats like srt, docx, pdf, or txt.
  • Integrated Text Editing: Features an in-browser text editor for convenient transcript editing.
  • Data Privacy Assurance: Ensures user data privacy and security with advanced security measures.
  • Independently Owned: Promises non-sharing of user data and no reliance on advertising for revenue.

Real-world Applications

Cockatoo serves a broad range of industries including academia, journalism, law, and healthcare. Academics and students can transcribe lectures and research interviews, while journalists can efficiently convert interviews and reports. Legal professionals benefit from accurate deposition transcriptions, and healthcare providers can transcribe patient interactions for records. Podcasters and content creators also find value in transcribing audio for wider accessibility.

Pricing & Discount

PlanMonthly PriceAnnual PriceFeatures
Free$0N/A2 free uploads, 30-min max length, Basic editing
Pro$29$17910,000 minutes/month, Unlimited uploads, Export options
Business$59N/AUnlimited minutes, Team sharing, Add team members at $29/month


While Cockatoo offers high accuracy and speed, it may occasionally struggle with heavily accented speech or audio with significant background noise. The reliance on internet connectivity for uploading and processing files might also limit its use in low-bandwidth areas.


Users may have concerns regarding data privacy, though Cockatoo addresses this with robust security measures. The platform’s compatibility with different operating systems and browsers might also be a consideration for some users.

Potential Future Developments

Given its current capabilities, Cockatoo could potentially expand its language support, enhance its ability to handle diverse accents and dialects, and improve its interface for even greater ease of use. Integration with other productivity tools and cloud platforms could also be on the horizon, aligning with broader industry trends and user needs.

How to Use Cockatoo

  1. Sign up and log in to the Cockatoo platform.
  2. Drag and drop your audio or video file into the designated area.
  3. Wait a few seconds for the file to be transcribed.
  4. Edit the transcript if needed using the in-browser editor.
  5. Export the transcript in your preferred format.

Best Practices for Cockatoo

  • Ensure clear audio quality for better transcription accuracy.
  • Preferably use files with minimal background noise.
  • Review and edit the transcripts for any minor inaccuracies.
  • Export in formats that best suit your end-use, like srt for subtitles.

Message from Cockatoo

Computing and machine learning are powerful tools that can be used to solve all kinds of problems for people. We’re dedicated to building unbelievably good products that allow everyone to use those tools.

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