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Cockatoo: AI Audio and Video Transcription

Cockatoo AI video/audio to text converter


Cockatoo is a web-based transcription service leveraging AI to convert audio and video files into text quickly and efficiently. Specializing in superhuman accuracy and speed, it supports transcribing in over 90 languages, making it a versatile choice for a global user base.

Features & Benefits

  • Accuracy: Up to 99% accurate transcripts, surpassing traditional human transcription.
  • Fast: Transcribes 1 hour of audio in just 2-3 minutes.
  • Multilingual: Ability to transcribe in more than 90 languages.
  • File Format Versatility: Accepts a wide range of audio and video file formats.
  • Cost Efficiency: Competitive pricing plans, providing value for various user needs.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Simple drag-and-drop functionality for uploading files.
  • Export Flexibility: Option to download transcripts in multiple formats like srt, docx, pdf, and txt.
  • Emphasis on Privacy: Commitment to data security and user privacy.

Cockatoo Tasks

  • Audio and video file transcription
  • Subtitle and closed caption creation
  • Multiple format export (docx, pdf, srt, txt)

Cockatoo Integrations


Real-world Applications

Cockatoo caters to a diverse range of industries, enhancing productivity and accessibility. Key sectors include journalism, academia, legal, healthcare, media and entertainment, corporate, marketing, podcasting, and language learning. It’s particularly beneficial for environments requiring quick turnaround of accurate transcribed content, such as newsrooms, classrooms, courtrooms, and online content creation.

Who is Cockatoo for

  • Journalists
  • Students and Academics
  • Legal Professionals
  • Healthcare Providers
  • Media Professionals
  • Corporate Executives
  • Marketers
  • Podcasters
  • Language Learners
  • Accessibility Service Providers

Pricing & Discount

Free€0/month2 uploads, 30-min max transcript, 90+ languages
Pro€29/month10,000 min/month, unlimited uploads, full export options
Business€59/monthUnlimited transcription, team features

Cockatoo Free version



  • Limited functionality in the free version.
  • Performance may vary with different accents and background noises.


  • Data Privacy: Robust security measures protect user data, but sensitivity towards data privacy remains.
  • Usability: New users may require time to adapt to the platform.
  • Language and Accent Recognition: While supporting 90+ languages, nuances in dialects may affect transcription accuracy.

Potential Future Developments

Cockatoo might expand its language support, integrate with other platforms, and enhance real-time transcription capabilities, aligning with evolving AI advancements and user needs.

Try Cockatoo Today!

Get started with Cockatoo and experience effortless transcription for your audio and video files. Sign up for a free trial or choose a plan that fits your needs.

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