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Partyhat: Create Your AI


Partyhat empowers creators to earn through AI-generated content on platforms like Telegram, Slushy, and the web. It combines image generation and chatbot technologies, enabling users to manage automated conversations and create images. Partyhat offers a unique way for creators to monetize their interactions without upfront efforts, granting full profit control.

Features & Benefits

  • AI-Generated Content: Create images, text, and voice content.
  • Cross-Platform Integration: Works with Telegram, Slushy, and web applications.
  • Custom AI Development: Tailored chatbots, voice chats, and image generators.
  • Flexible Software Development Requests: Via direct contact, Google Docs, or video briefs.
  • Financial Efficiency: Avoids the high costs of full-time AI development staff.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: Commitment to refining products until full satisfaction.
  • Pause Feature: Subscription can be paused, preserving unused service days.
  • Rapid Deployment: AI integrations launch within 7-10 days.
  • Unlimited Requests: Submit multiple development requests without limits.

Partyhat Platforms

  • Telegram, Slushy, Web app

Partyhat Tasks

  • Generate AI images
  • Manage automated chatbot conversations
  • Voice-voice chat integration
  • Voice cloning for influencer engagement
  • Develop custom Telegram and Discord bots
  • Align brand voice with prompt engineering
  • Create text embeddings from social posts
  • Train AI on specific features like tattoos, eyes, body features
  • Generate synthetic data sets and videos
  • Optimize and tune AI models
  • Moderate content with AI assistance
  • Integrate Pay-Per-View (PPV)

Partyhat Integrations

Real-world applications

Partyhat is beneficial for content creators, influencers, and digital marketers. It helps in creating personalized and engaging content for fans. Businesses can use it to automate customer service and engagement. Educational platforms can develop interactive learning bots. E-commerce sites might employ it for personalized shopping experiences. Entertainment and gaming sectors can create immersive AI characters. Health and wellness apps could offer AI-driven motivation and advice. Real estate agencies might use AI for virtual property tours. Non-profits can engage donors and supporters effectively. Lastly, tech startups can prototype AI features rapidly.

Who is Partyhat for

  • Content creators
  • Digital marketers
  • Influencers
  • Business owners
  • Educational platforms
  • E-commerce platforms
  • Entertainment and gaming sectors
  • Health and wellness apps
  • Real estate agencies
  • Tech startups

Pricing & Discount

Membership$299AI image, text, chatbot, custom AI tools

Partyhat Free version

Not available


  • Dependence on subscription for continuous service.
  • Initial setup requires specific development requests.


  • Data privacy and security measures are crucial.
  • Usability for non-technical users.
  • Compatibility with various platforms and devices.
  • Ongoing costs versus benefits.
  • Potential learning curve for custom request processes.

Potential Future Developments

  • Expansion to more social media platforms.
  • Enhanced AI personalization capabilities.
  • Broader language support for global reach.
  • Advanced analytics for creators to track engagement and earnings.

Explore Partyhat today and take your content monetization to the next level with AI.

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