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NewArc: AI Sketch to Image Generator


NewArc is an AI-powered tool that transforms sketches into realistic images and 3D renders. It allows users to visualize ideas by converting drawings into detailed images quickly. Users can upload a sketch, describe their desired result, and generate multiple design options in seconds.

Features & Benefits

  • Upload and Define Composition: Start with any sketch, illustration, or photo to control the output.
  • Customizable Descriptions: Guide the AI with specific prompts for desired aesthetics, materials, and colors.
  • Variety of Design Options: Generate multiple unique designs based on user input and refine prompts for better results.
  • Speed and Efficiency: Save time by automating the creation of realistic images and renders.
  • 3D Renderings: Turn sketches into 3D renderings, ideal for architecture and interior design.
  • No Special Skills Required: Easy-to-use interface accessible to non-experts.
  • Unique Designs: Produce one-of-a-kind images without using stock photos.
  • Full Copyright Ownership: Users retain exclusive rights to their generated images.

NewArc Platforms

Web app

NewArc Tasks

  • Convert sketches to realistic images
  • Generate 3D renderings from sketches
  • Customize designs with specific prompts
  • Produce images in various styles and materials
  • Create unlimited design variations

NewArc Integrations


Real-world Applications

NewArc is versatile across various industries:

In fashion design, designers can upload a single sketch and experiment with different colors, textures, and materials to create unique clothing collections. This allows for a diverse range of designs without the need for multiple sketches.

For footwear design, NewArc helps visualize sneaker designs in various styles and materials, aiding in the presentation and manufacturing process. Designers can see their concepts come to life as realistic visuals.

In automotive design, engineers and designers can use NewArc to create innovative car designs. By experimenting with different rendering styles, they can develop futuristic vehicle concepts.

Industrial designers benefit by transforming project sketches into clay renderings, enhancing the communication of ideas to clients and colleagues. This visualization helps in the development and presentation stages.

In architecture design, NewArc simplifies decision-making by generating 3D renderings of buildings. Whether for renovations or new constructions, architects can present multiple design variations to clients efficiently.

Interior and furniture designers can use NewArc to upload photos of interiors and generate various renovation styles. This helps in visualizing and planning interior designs with ease.

Picture an architect uploading a rough sketch of a building facade and receiving detailed 3D renderings in multiple styles within seconds, providing clients with diverse options without the lengthy manual drawing process.

Who is NewArc for

  • Fashion designers
  • Footwear designers
  • Automotive designers
  • Industrial designers
  • Architects
  • Interior designers
  • Graphic artists
  • Product designers

Pricing & Discount

Basic$9/month150 images/month, No watermarks
Pro$29/month1,500 images/month, Image Editing, No watermarks
Businessfrom $39/month/seatUnlimited generations, Image Editing, Priority support, Centralized billing

NewArc Free version – Available

The free tier offers 10 monthly credits.


  • Only supports raster image formats (JPEG, PNG)
  • Does not accept vector (EPS, SVG) or container (HEIC) formats without conversion


  • Data privacy: All designs and prompts remain private and are not used to train the AI model.
  • Usability: The AI tool is designed to be user-friendly, requiring no technical skills.
  • Compatibility: Limited to JPEG and PNG file formats.
  • Cost: Subscription fees may be a barrier for occasional users.
  • Learning curve: Users might need time to refine prompts for desired outputs.

Potential Future Developments

  • Support for vector formats: Adding compatibility for EPS and SVG files.
  • Enhanced collaboration tools: Features for team collaboration on design projects.
  • Mobile app: Expanding accessibility to mobile devices for on-the-go designing.

Transform your sketches into stunning visual concepts with NewArc, where your ideas come to life in just a few clicks.

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