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Vectorizer: PNG to SVG and JPG to SVG AI converter

Vectorizer PNG to SVG and JPG to SVG vector converter AI tool

Vectorizer stands out as an AI-driven tool designed to convert bitmap images like PNG and JPG files into scalable vector graphics (SVGs) and other formats. This web app focuses on transforming pixels into precise geometric shapes, offering an array of features for various applications.


Vectorizer is a web-based application that utilizes advanced AI to convert pixel-based images into vector graphics (PNG to SVG and JPG to SVG). It’s designed for users needing to upscale images without losing quality, such as for printing, cutting, or digital artwork. The tool automatically processes images, offering outputs like SVG, PDF, EPS, DXF, and PNG.

Features & Benefits

  • Deep Vector Engine: Combines AI with 15 years of experience in computational geometry.
  • Vector Graph: Proprietary framework for automated edits and optimizations.
  • Full Shape Fitting: Advanced geometric shape fitting for precision.
  • Curve Support: Broad range of curve types for detailed vector graphics.
  • Clean Corners: Enhanced corner modeling for natural-looking vectors.
  • High Performance: Utilizes GPUs and multi-core CPUs for quick processing.
  • Sub-Pixel Precision: Captures fine details for high-quality results.
  • Fully Automatic: No user input required, simplifying the vectorization process.
  • Image Types: Effective for logos, artwork, and photographs.
  • Pre-Crop Feature: Maximizes resolution quality by focusing on selected image areas.
  • Full Color & Transparency: Supports 32-bit color and alpha channel.
  • Export Choices: Multiple output formats with customizable options.

Vectorizer Tasks

  • Conver PNG to SVG
  • Conver JPG to SVG
  • Vectorizing drawn artwork and logos
  • Processing photographs for scalable graphics
  • Generating vectors for printing and cutting applications

Vectorizer Integrations

  • n/a

Real-world applications

Vectorizer is beneficial across multiple industries, particularly where image quality at varying scales is crucial. Graphic designers can use Vectorizer for logo creation, ensuring logos retain their clarity at any size. This JPG / PNG to SVG AI tool is also ideal for digital artists and illustrators who want to convert their raster artwork into vectors for flexible use. In printing and advertising, Vectorizer helps in creating high-quality prints and promotional materials. The apparel industry can employ it for pattern and design creation for fabrics. Its utility extends to web design, where SVGs are preferred for their scalability and smaller file size, ensuring websites load faster. Even in manufacturing processes like laser engraving or vinyl cutting, Vectorizer’s precise vector outputs are invaluable.

Who is Vectorizer for

  • Graphic Designers
  • Digital Artists
  • Print and Advertising Professionals
  • Web Designers
  • Apparel Manufacturers
  • Engravers and Cutters

Pricing & Discount

Vectorizer offers two main pricing structures for its Web App and API services.

Web AppUnlimited Images, No API$9.99/month
API50-200 credits/month$9.99-$34.99/month

Vectorizer Free version

Not available


  • Limited vector conversion. Only JPG and PNG to SVG.
  • Maximum image pixel size is 2 megapixels.
  • File size limit of 30 megabytes.
  • No free version for trial or casual use.


Users might have concerns regarding data privacy and compatibility with different vector graphic software. Vectorizer’s terms of service ensure user data protection, but its compatibility with all vector software, although high, might not be universal. Users should verify compatibility with their specific software.

Potential Future Developments

Considering its current trajectory and industry trends, future enhancements for Vectorizer might include support for additional file formats and not only PNG to SVG or JPG to SVG, more customization options in vectorization, and possibly an interactive editing feature within the web app for minor tweaks post-vectorization.

Explore Vectorizer today and transform your images into versatile vector graphics with ease.

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