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My AskAI: Customizable AI Assistant

My AskAI custom AI assistant with your content

Explore My AskAI, a platform designed to rapidly create personalized AI assistants using your company’s unique content and documentation. This tool is a game-changer for businesses seeking efficient ways to provide instant, accurate answers to internal or customer queries.


My AskAI is a dynamic platform enabling businesses to build their own AI assistants. These assistants can process and utilize a variety of content, including company reports, manuals, and other documentation, to deliver instant, precise answers. My AskAI is versatile, functioning as a chatbot on websites or integrating with other applications and services. Its key feature is its ability to understand and utilize company-specific content for tailored, intelligent responses.

Features & Benefits

  • Lightning-Fast Setup: Users can quickly add documentation, webpages, and data, including integration with Google Drive or Notion, to train the AI assistant.
  • Instant, Factual Answers: The AI assistant provides immediate responses to queries, referencing the source material for transparency and accuracy.
  • Broad Integration Capacity: My AskAI can be launched on various platforms such as websites, Slack Workspaces, and more, enhancing accessibility and user experience.

Real-world Applications

My AskAI is particularly useful in sectors where timely and accurate information dissemination is crucial, like customer support, internal knowledge management, and e-commerce. It streamlines information access, improves response times, and enhances overall efficiency. Educational institutions, healthcare providers, and technology companies, among others, can leverage My AskAI to optimize their information handling and customer interaction.

Pricing & Discount

My AskAI offers a range of plans, including a free option and three paid tiers starting at $13.30 per month. The pricing varies based on features and the volume of content or queries handled.

Pricing & Discount

Here’s a detailed breakdown of My AskAI’s pricing plans presented in a table format:

PlanPriceAskAIsQuestions /moFeatures
StarterFree150AI-chat support, add files/websites, link/website embed, custom tone & style, Slack/Teams/Zapier integration, Google Drive & Notion connection
Hobby$13.30/mo31,000All Starter features plus daily sync (Google Drive & Notion), monthly webpage auto-sync, analytics, question export, ‘Search’ mode, API access, WhatsApp integration
Pro$66/mo1010,000All Hobby features plus weekly webpage auto-sync, full API access (incl. whitelabel APIs), email capture, Customer Success Manager
Beast 🐺$666/moUnlimitedUnlimitedAll Pro features plus removal of AskAI branding, use own OpenAI key


  • Hobby Plan: 50% off for non-profits or students.
  • Pro and Beast Plans: Customized support and features for larger and more demanding use cases.


While My AskAI is versatile, it may have limitations in handling highly specialized or technical queries beyond the scope of the uploaded content. Its effectiveness is directly proportional to the quality and comprehensiveness of the input data.


Users may have concerns about data privacy and security, especially when handling sensitive company information. While My AskAI ensures data encryption and isolated storage, users should be aware of these aspects and assess compliance with their internal data policies.

Potential Future Developments

Future enhancements for My AskAI could include advanced natural language processing capabilities, deeper integration with a wider range of platforms, and improved analytics for user interactions. As AI technology evolves, My AskAI might also incorporate more sophisticated learning algorithms to enhance its responsiveness and accuracy.

How to Use My AskAI

Creating an AI assistant with My AskAI involves a simple sign-up process, followed by adding relevant content and documents. Users can then immediately start interacting with the AI for answers.

Best Practices for My AskAI

To maximize My AskAI’s effectiveness:

  • Regularly update the content database.
  • Monitor user queries to identify areas for improvement.
  • Integrate My AskAI across various platforms for broader accessibility.

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