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InfraNodus: Text Network Analysis Tool

Infranodus text network analysis


InfraNodus is an analytical tool that employs AI and knowledge graph technology to extract, visualize, and analyze meaning from various text inputs. It enables the conversion of text into network graphs, revealing patterns, connections, and gaps in discourse. InfraNodus supports a range of data import sources, applies text mining and sentiment analysis, and provides interactive visualization tools, enhancing users’ insight into large texts. The platform is available for use on the web and is equipped with multilingual capabilities, privacy-focused storage, and sharing features.

Features & Benefits

  • AI-Powered Visual Text Analysis:
  • Overview generation for text data.
  • Gap detection in conceptual linkages.
  • Insight generation using AI.
  • Multiple Import Sources:
  • Compatibility with a wide range of data formats.
  • Integration with social media, search engines, and other text sources.
  • Text Mining & Sentiment Analysis:
  • Key analytics insights into text sentiment.
  • Interactive Text Visualization:
  • Graphical display of text data for enhanced comprehension.
  • GPT AI-Enhanced Workflow:
  • AI collaborates with users to expand on textual analysis.
  • Multilingual Support & Sharing:
  • Works with various languages and allows sharing of findings.
  • Privacy & Data Storage:
  • EU-based secure and private data storage options.

Real-world applications

InfraNodus is applicable across several fields, including academic research, where it can assist in literature analysis and uncovering research gaps. In digital marketing, it helps identify SEO opportunities by analyzing unmet search queries. Content creators can use it for summarizing complex texts and generating creative ideas, while businesses can employ it for market intelligence and analyzing customer feedback. Additionally, its real-time data analysis tools are useful for journalists and analysts dealing with current events and social media trends.

Pricing & Discount

Plan TypeMonthly FeeYearly FeeTrial PeriodFeatures
Cloud€9€9014 daysStandard quota, GPT-3 insights, personal use
Pro€29€29014 daysHigher quota, GPT-4 insights, commercial use
Premium€79€1500/yr*14 daysMaximum quota, multiple users, training, feature prioritization
EnterpriseContact for pricingSelf-hosted, dedicated instance

*Price for own server starts at €1500/yr for premium accounts.

All plans offer a free trial with no commitment and can be canceled anytime.


InfraNodus may present a learning curve for new users unfamiliar with network analysis concepts. The text size limitations per upload may restrict the analysis of larger data sets without a premium account. Users seeking to process vast amounts of data quickly may also find the per-hour AI generation caps on lower-tier plans limiting.


Users may have concerns about data privacy; however, InfraNodus stores data in the EU, adhering to strict privacy laws. Compatibility with only certain text formats may limit the tool’s use with other data types. Some users might find the tool’s advanced features less intuitive, potentially affecting usability for less technical individuals.

Potential Future Developments

Considering the continuous advancement in AI and text analysis, future enhancements for InfraNodus may include increased data processing limits, integration with more languages, and improved AI algorithms for deeper contextual insights. Expansion into collaborative features for team-based analysis and the incorporation of more advanced visualizations to represent complex datasets could also be anticipated.

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