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ChartGPT: AI Chart and Text Generation


ChartGPT is an AI tool for chart generation, converting and summarizing tables and creating text content. It relies on OpenAI’s GPT-4 turbo to process user input to produce customizable visual and textual outputs. The tool could be beneficial for business analysts, data scientists and educators.

Features & Benefits

  • GPT-4 Responses and Text Generation: Option to fine-tune the respnses with custom instructions for the creation of high-quality text in any language.
  • AI Charts: Allows for the creation of custom charts using popular programming languages.
  • Code Generation: Automates the production of code snippets across multiple programming environments.
  • Table Conversion (Google Sheets or Excel): ChartGPT can convert images of tables into editable formats in Google Sheets or Excel.
  • Table Summarization: It can also summarize large tables to extract and present key information concisely, aiding in quicker decision-making and reporting.

ChartGPT Platforms

  • web app

ChartGPT Tasks

  • Generate diverse forms of text
  • Generate charts with AI
  • Generate code with AI
  • Table conversion
  • Table summarization

ChartGPT Integrations

  • n/a

Real-world applications

Healthcare analysts often face the challenge of interpreting vast amounts of patient data quickly. With ChartGPT, they can upload raw data and instantly generate visualizations such as trend lines for patient recovery rates or demographic breakdowns of disease prevalence. This capability not only speeds up the analysis process but also helps in presenting findings in an understandable manner during medical reviews or policy discussions.

In retail, business owners can use ChartGPT to track sales performance across different regions or product categories. By inputting sales data, the AI tool can produce comparative bar charts or heat maps that highlight best-selling items or profitable locations. This visual representation aids in making informed decisions about inventory management or promotional strategies.

Urban planners could leverage ChartGPT to assess traffic flow and congestion patterns in cities. By feeding traffic data into ChartGPT, they can create dynamic maps and graphs that show peak traffic times and areas of congestion, helping in the planning of better road layouts and public transport routes to enhance urban mobility.

Lastly, imagine a scenario where a financial analyst needs to present complex investment portfolios. ChartGPT can take detailed financial data and turn it into comprehensive graphs that depict asset distribution, risk assessments, and historical performance trends. These charts make it easier for clients to understand their investments and for analysts to provide strategic advice based on visual insights.

Who is ChartGPT for

  • Business Analysts
  • Educators
  • Data Scientists
  • Students
  • Software Developers

Pricing & Discount

500 Credits$4.99
1,000 Credits$9.99
1,500 Credits$14.99

The credit system is really confusing as the various functions have different costs. Also, Chart vizualization is free, but AI charting is paid.

ChartGPT Free version

Not available


Requires familiarity with data manipulation and programming for optimal use.


  • Data Privacy: Emphasizes strong security measures.
  • Usability: May be challenging for users without a technical background.
  • Cost: The credit-based pricing model might be expensive for frequent use.

Potential Future Developments

Future developments could include the integration of voice commands for generating charts and texts, facilitating use for those with visual impairments or those who prefer voice interaction. Another valuable addition could be the implementation of real-time collaboration tools for teams to work simultaneously on chart and text projects within the platform.

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