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Homeworkify: Homework Help Search Engine


Homeworkify is a search engine designed to provide instant access to homework answers. It helps users find solutions to academic questions by using a direct link or by searching for similar problems online. The AI app operates as a non-profit organization committed to making educational resources freely available to all.

Features & Benefits

  • Direct Link Answers: Paste the URL of a specific question to receive immediate solutions.
  • Search Engine Functionality: Enables users to search for and access solutions from various free homework help sites.
  • Free Access: Offers unrestricted, cost-free access to educational materials.
  • Non-Profit Operation: Committed to providing educational resources without profit motives.
  • Supports Multiple Subjects: Includes help for subjects like Biology, Engineering, Business, and Mathematics.

Homeworkify Platforms

Web app

Homeworkify Tasks

  • Retrieve homework answers using direct URLs.
  • Search and compare homework solutions.
  • Provide step-by-step solutions for various academic questions.

Homeworkify Integrations


Real-world applications

Homeworkify is a boon for students struggling to understand tough subjects or needing quick clarification on specific questions. By entering the direct URL of a homework question, students can bypass hours of frustration and confusion, arriving at clear, step-by-step answers that not only save time but also enhance understanding. Imagine a late-night study session where, instead of panicking over a complex calculus problem due before dawn, a student uses Homeworkify to find a detailed solution that also helps them understand the underlying concepts for their upcoming exam. No more chasing elusive answers through countless textbooks; just quick, effective learning. Now, if only there were a similar easy solution for making cafeteria food taste better!

Who is Homeworkify for

  • Students
  • Educators
  • Academic researchers
  • Anyone seeking free access to educational resources

Pricing & Discount


Homeworkify Free version



  • Relies on existing solutions available online.
  • Requires accurate URLs for direct question submissions.


  • Data Privacy: Users must consider the security of submitting links to personal homework questions.
  • Dependence on Other Sources: The effectiveness of Homeworkify depends on the availability and accuracy of solutions on external sites.
  • Learning Effectiveness: Might encourage dependency on solutions rather than learning the material.

Potential Future Developments

  • Integration with educational tools to offer more personalized learning experiences.
  • Expansion of subject areas to include more specialized fields of study.
  • Development of a mobile app for easier access on various devices.

Explore Homeworkify today and see how easy it is to improve your grades without the hassle!

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