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HairstyleAI: Virtual Haircut Simulation

Find the perfect hairstyle with the help of AI

Explore the world of virtual hairstyling with HairstyleAI, an innovative tool that allows users to experiment with various haircuts before committing to a real-world change. HairstyleAI leverages advanced AI technology to create realistic simulations of haircuts, making it easier for individuals to make confident decisions about their appearance.


HairstyleAI is a virtual hairstyling platform designed to give users a preview of how different hairstyles would look on them. By simply uploading selfies, users can experiment with a wide range of haircuts and styles. This service provides a unique opportunity for individuals to explore different looks without any of the commitment or risk associated with a real haircut.

Features & Benefits

  • Virtual Hairstyle Simulations: Over 150 photos featuring 30 unique hairstyles.
  • High-Quality Image Output: All generated images are in HD quality, ensuring a realistic preview.
  • Diverse Haircut Options: Offers a variety of styles including buzz cuts, long curls, ponytails, and more.
  • Simple Process: Upload selfies, receive AI-generated hairstyles, and download favorites.
  • No Real Haircut Needed: Experiment with styles without altering your actual hair.
  • Indistinguishable from Real Photos: Advanced AI algorithms ensure a lifelike representation of each style.

HairstyleAI Tasks

  • Generating diverse hairstyles on uploaded selfies.
  • Producing high-resolution images of simulated haircuts.
  • Providing a wide range of haircut styles for both men and women.

HairstyleAI Integrations

  • n/a

Real-world applications

HairstyleAI can be beneficial across various industries and contexts:

  • Personal Styling: Individuals exploring new looks can use this tool to make informed decisions about their hair.
  • Fashion and Beauty Industry: Professionals in these sectors can showcase different hairstyles to clients.
  • Entertainment Industry: Actors and models can preview looks for different roles or shoots.
  • Photography: Photographers can use this tool to plan and visualize hairstyles for photoshoots.
  • E-commerce: Online haircare and styling product sellers can integrate this tool to help customers choose products.

Once yo have decided on your new hairstyle, you can take a selfie and use checkout AI headshot generator

Who is HairstyleAI for

  • Individuals Exploring New Looks
  • Fashion Stylists
  • Beauty Industry Professionals
  • Photographers
  • Actors and Models
  • E-commerce Consumers

Pricing & Discount

HairstyleAI offers its service at a one-time payment of $9. This includes 30 hairstyles, 4 different poses/haircuts, and 120 HD photos.

Price$9 (one-time)
Included30 hairstyles, 120 HD photos
Turnaround1 hour

HairstyleAI Free version – Not Available


  • Style Diversity: While offering a range of styles, some users may find the selection limiting.
  • Photo Requirements: The need for high-quality, varied selfies could be challenging for some users.
  • No Physical Experience: Can’t replicate the physical feel of a haircut.
  • Refund Policy: Refunds only within 14 days and if AI hasn’t been trained.


  • Data Privacy: Users may have concerns about the privacy of their uploaded images.
  • Photo Quality Dependency: Final results heavily depend on the quality of the uploaded photos.
  • Gender Neutrality: The tool may not fully cater to all gender expressions and hairstyles.

Potential Future Developments

Future enhancements could include:

  • Wider Style Range: Including more diverse and culturally varied hairstyles.
  • Integration with Styling Apps: Allowing for a complete look simulation.
  • Real-time Haircut Simulation: Enhancing user experience with dynamic, real-time changes.

Try HairstyleAI Today

If you’re curious about how you’d look with a new haircut, give HairstyleAI a try.

It’s an easy and risk-free way to explore different hairstyles!

How to Use HairstyleAI

  1. Upload Selfies: Take and upload selfies against a plain background with good lighting.
  2. AI Generation: The AI-photographer generates over 150+ photos with 30 different hairstyles.
  3. Select and Download: Choose your favorite haircuts and download the high-resolution photos.

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