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HairstyleAI: Virtual Hairstyle Experimentation

Find the perfect hairstyle with the help of AI


HairstyleAI is a digital platform designed to help individuals explore different hairstyles virtually using artificial intelligence. This tool is particularly useful for those wanting to try out new haircuts without committing to an actual change. Users upload their selfies to the platform, and HairstyleAI’s AI-photographer generates a variety of hairstyles, allowing users to see how they would look with different haircuts. This service is accessible through a web-based application.

Features & Benefits

  • Virtual Hairstyle Trials: Users can experiment with 30 unique hairstyles in various poses.
  • AI-Enhanced Photography: The platform uses advanced AI algorithms to optimize each photo for lighting, focus, and color.
  • High-Resolution Downloads: Users can download their favorite looks in high definition.
  • Variety of Haircuts: A wide range of hairstyles, including beach waves, buzz cuts, long curls, and more, cater to diverse preferences.
  • Simple Process: Just upload selfies, and the AI-photographer does the rest.
  • Full Ownership: Users retain full commercial license and ownership of the photos.
  • Supported Photo Formats: JPG, PNG, WebP, and HEIC.

Integrations: The tool does not explicitly mention integrations with other platforms or services.

Real-world Applications

HairstyleAI is beneficial across various sectors:

  • Fashion and Beauty Industry: Professionals can use it to recommend hairstyles to clients.
  • Entertainment and Media: Actors and models can preview looks for different roles or shoots.
  • Personal Styling: Individuals can experiment with their appearance before committing to a haircut.
  • Photography: Photographers can offer clients a range of virtual hairstyle changes.
  • Retail: Retailers in the beauty sector can use it to showcase how different hairstyles can complement their products.

Pricing & Discount

Service OfferedPriceInclusions
Virtual Hairstyle Trial$9 (one-time payment)30 AI hairstyles, 4 poses/haircuts, 120 HD photos


  • Limited Hairstyle Options: Only 30 hairstyles may not cover all user preferences.
  • Dependent on Photo Quality: Results are as good as the uploaded selfies.
  • No Live Try-On: Users cannot see styles in real-time; it’s based on pre-uploaded photos.


  • Data Privacy: While the site claims to delete photos used for AI training after 7 days, users may be concerned about temporary data retention.
  • Photo Quality Dependency: The end result heavily relies on the quality of the uploaded photos.
  • Compatibility: Limited file format support could be a constraint for some users.

Potential Future Developments

  • Increased Hairstyle Range: Expanding the variety of hairstyles to cater to more diverse tastes.
  • Real-Time Try-On Feature: Incorporating a live try-on feature for instant results.
  • Enhanced AI Algorithms: Improving AI to handle a broader range of photo qualities and lighting conditions.

How to Use HairstyleAI

  1. Upload Selfies: Take and upload selfies against a plain background with good lighting.
  2. AI Generation: The AI-photographer generates over 150+ photos with 30 different hairstyles.
  3. Select and Download: Choose your favorite haircuts and download the high-resolution photos.

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