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Oscar Stories: Personalized Children’s Bedtime Stories


Oscar Stories is a unique platform that transforms bedtime into an adventurous experience by creating personalized stories for children. It lets your child be the hero of their own tale, selecting characters and professions for a custom adventure. With Oscar, bedtime stories are never repetitive; they’re fresh and exciting every night, crafted with AI to ensure each story is unique and engaging.

Features & Benefits

  • Personalized Stories: Customize stories with unique characters and professions, making your child the protagonist of their adventure.
  • Educational Value: Developed with parents to ensure stories are not only fun but also impart moral and ethical lessons.
  • Child-Friendly Content: Guarantees a safe, enjoyable experience without any problematic content.
  • Audiobook Conversion: Utilizes AI to transform stories into high-quality audiobooks with pleasant voices, enhancing listening skills.
  • Classics Reimagined: Allows children to star in their favorite classic tales, such as Alice in Wonderland or The Jungle Book.
  • Moral and Ethics: Stories incorporate valuable life lessons on honesty, kindness, courage, empathy, and responsibility.
  • User-Friendly: Designed for ease of use by busy parents and growing families.

Oscar Platforms

  • iOS/Android app

Oscar Tasks

  • Generate personalized bedtime stories
  • Create audiobooks from stories
  • Customize adventures in classic tales
  • Teach morals and ethics through stories

Oscar Integrations

  • n/a

Real-world applications

Imagine a world where bedtime isn’t met with groans but with eager anticipation. With Oscar, your child eagerly awaits their nightly adventure, where they might be a deep-sea diver in the Atlantic or a knight in medieval times. One night, they’re partnering with Mowgli to explore the jungle; the next, they’re navigating the whimsical world of Wonderland with Alice. These aren’t just stories; they’re bridges to dreamland, laden with lessons in courage, kindness, and empathy. And for the ultimate twist? Picture your child leading a mission to Mars, teaching aliens about human morals. With Oscar, the universe is not just their playground but their classroom.

Who is Oscar for

  • Parents seeking unique bedtime stories
  • Children with vivid imaginations
  • Families valuing moral lessons
  • Busy parents needing a quick bedtime solution

Pricing & Discount


Oscar Free version

Not available


Available only as a mobile app.


  • Data Privacy: Ensuring children’s information is securely handled.
  • Content Variety: Maintaining a wide range of stories to keep children engaged.
  • Voice Quality: Audiobooks must have pleasant, varied voices to suit different stories.

Potential Future Developments

  • Language Options: Offering stories in multiple languages could enhance learning.
  • Interactive Elements: Adding choices within stories for children to decide outcomes.
  • Physical Books: An option to print stories, creating tangible memories.

Discover the magic of personalized bedtime stories with Oscar and turn every night into an adventure.

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