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AIhairstyles: AI Haircut Try-on


AIHairstyles is a virtual haircut try-on AI tool that allows users to preview different haircuts and colors on their own photos. By uploading a selfie, users can experiment with various styles and shades to see how they would look with a new hairstyle before making any real changes.

Features & Benefits

  • Real-time Previews: Instantly see how different hairstyles and colors look on you.
  • Variety of Styles: Choose from a wide range of haircuts to try-on including Afro, Bob, Buzz, Crew Cut, Dreadlocks, Mullet, Pompadour, and more.
  • Color Options: Try-on hairstyles in different colors such as Blonde, Brown, Black, Red, and White/Grey.
  • Multi-Photo Upload: Upload up to four selfies to try-on different haircut styles simultaneously.
  • Data Privacy: Ensures user data privacy with secure account-based uploads and an option to delete all data permanently.

AIHairstyles Platforms

Web app

AIHairstyles Tasks

  • AI haircut virtual try-on and preview

AIHairstyles Integrations


Real-world applications

AIHairstyles is particularly useful for individuals considering a change in their hairstyle or color but are unsure about making a commitment. It’s a helpful tool for planning hair-related changes for special events like weddings, proms, or professional photoshoots. The AI haircut try-on tool can also be a fun way to experiment with bold, new looks that one might not typically try. For example, someone might see how they’d look with an Emo style or a shaved head without having to actually cut their hair.

Imagine you’re preparing for a 1980s themed party. Instead of guessing which retro hairstyle might suit you best, AIHairstyles could let you try on a Mullet or a Slicked back undercut, ensuring you hit the party not only in theme but with a style that suits you best. And who knows? Perhaps your preview turns out so well that your party look becomes your new everyday style!

Who is AIHairstyles for

  • Individuals exploring new hairstyles
  • Hair stylists and salons
  • Event planners
  • Fashion enthusiasts

Pricing & Discount

Every style, one colour$8Over 100 images in one chosen color
Every style, all colours$25Over 500 images in all available colors
Credits (1-50)69c each4 images per style
Credits (51-150)49c each
Credits (151+)39c each

AIHairstyles Free version

Not available


  • Dependent on the quality of the user’s uploaded photos for accurate previews.


  • Data Privacy: Ensures privacy through account-based operations but requires careful management.
  • Usability: May require tweaks for optimal results for different ethnicities and races.
  • Cost: Could be considered costly depending on the number of styles and colors a user wishes to experiment with.

Potential Future Developments

Adding a feature for automatic suggestions based on facial shape analysis could enhance the user experience by recommending hairstyles that would most likely suit the individual’s face. This would add a personalized touch and potentially increase user satisfaction and engagement.

Test a new hairstyle and hair color without going to the hair salon or the barber shop with a virtual AI haircut try-on.

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