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GPTGo: AI Search Engine Disaster


GPTGo integrates Google’s search capabilities with ChatGPT’s AI technology, aiming to enhance search results with AI-generated insights. However, the platform is significantly hampered by intrusive advertising, which impacts the usability and overall user experience.

Features & Benefits

  • Combined Search Results: The AI Tool uses both Google search and ChatGPT to provide extensive search results and AI-generated content.
  • Unlimited ChatGPT Access: Offers unlimited interactions with ChatGPT without restrictions.
  • Speed and Efficiency: Promises fast response times, though user experiences may vary due to ad interruptions.
  • Multilingual Support: Available in over 100 languages, catering to a global user base.
  • Privacy Focused: Claims to ensure user anonymity and data protection.

GPTGo Platforms

  • Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, web app

GPTGo Tasks

  • Combines traditional search with AI responses
  • Offers multi-language queries and responses

GPTGo Integrations

  • Google Search API
  • ChatGPT


We were excited to try GPTGo as we like AI search engines but were greatly disappointed.

  1. Signup is not reqired to use the AI search, which is great.
  2. The homepage design is non-existent and the multiple ads give a spammy vibe.
  3. Every single search query forces the user to see a full page/screen ad 😮😡.

We asked GPTGo to help us with the annoying ads:

AITE: How can we get rid of the ads on GPTGo?


To get rid of the ads on GPTGo, you can consider subscribing to a premium version of the service, which typically offers an ad-free experience. Another option is to use an ad blocker browser extension to block ads while using the search engine. Additionally, you can provide feedback to GPTGo about the ads and request for them to consider reducing or removing them for a better user experience.

AITE Verdict ❌

We understand that а business should make money but GPTGo risks losing all its potential users because of the intrusive advertising. Maybe this is just a short-term gig that aims to monetize as much as possible from the AI hype.

Don’t waste your time with this AI search engine.

Real-world applications

In theory, GPTGo should be a robust tool for diverse user groups. Students might find it useful for researching papers, and content creators could generate preliminary drafts or ideas. Business professionals could theoretically benefit from rapid market insights.

However, the user experience is severely diminished by pervasive ads that interrupt every interaction, making it difficult to use GPTGo effectively for sustained research or content generation. Users often find themselves navigating away from their search intent to deal with unexpected advertisements.

In a less practical scenario, imagine if every time superheroes tried to save the world, they had to watch an ad; that’s the daily frustration GPTGo users face. Even the most patient user might prefer a traditional cape to this digital quagmire.

Who is GPTGo for

  • Students
  • Researchers
  • Content creators
  • Business professionals
  • Anyone needing quick search results

Pricing & Discount

StandardFreeUnlimited searches, AI responses, frequent ads

GPTGo Free version



  • The constant ad interruptions make GPTGo less desirable for those seeking a streamlined search experience.


  • Intrusive Ads: Ads significantly disrupt the search process, leading to a frustrating user experience.
  • Questionable Usability: The frequency and placement of ads may lead users to question the overall utility of the platform.
  • Data Privacy: Despite claims of anonymity, the intrusive nature of ads raises concerns about user privacy and data usage.

Potential Future Developments

To improve user satisfaction, GPTGo could consider offering an ad-free paid version. Introducing advanced filters to refine AI responses could also enhance the platform’s practicality and appeal.

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