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EtsyHunt: Elevate Your Etsy Shop’s Performance

EtsyHunt is an all-encompassing platform designed to boost the visibility and ranking of your Etsy shop. It provides a suite of tools for Etsy sellers to conduct market research, understand consumer trends, and refine their shop’s offerings for better performance. Let’s dive into how EtsyHunt can be your partner in navigating the bustling marketplace of Etsy.

Features & Benefits

  • Product Research: Discover trending products and analyze historical sales data to identify winning items.
  • Keyword Research: Utilize up-to-date search data to optimize your listings with the right keywords and tags.
  • Shops Ranking: Gain insights into the strategies of top Etsy sellers and apply these learnings to your shop.
  • Etsy Reviews: Efficiently manage your reviews with personalized templates and timely follow-ups.
  • Additional tools include a AI photo background editor, AI listing optimization aids, and various Etsy seller extensions for a comprehensive selling experience.

EtsyHunt Platforms

  • Web app

EtsyHunt Tasks

  • Add video captions
  • Generate images
  • Perform keyword research

EtsyHunt Integrations

  • Etsy API for review management and order tracking
  • Amazon Handmade for product comparison
  • Ecommerce Data API for broader market insights

Real-world applications

EtsyHunt is indispensable for anyone looking to carve out a successful niche on Etsy. By offering detailed analytics on products, keywords, and competitor strategies, it empowers sellers across various industries, from handmade crafts to vintage goods and artisanal items and dropshipping. Whether you’re optimizing listings for better search visibility or analyzing market trends to adjust your product lineup, EtsyHunt provides the data-driven insights needed for informed decision-making. Its review management system further ensures customer satisfaction remains high, fostering a positive shop reputation.

Who is EtsyHunt for

  • Marketers
  • Etsy Sellers
  • SEO Specialists
  • E-commerce Entrepreneurs
  • Data Analysts

Pricing & Discount

Free$0/moBasic analytics and searches
Basic$3.99/moExtended searches and analytics, AI Replace BG
Pro$19.99/moComprehensive tool access, AI Replace BG
Team$59.99/moMulti-user support and tools, AI Replace BG

EtsyHunt Free version



While EtsyHunt offers a broad range of features, users may find the data overwhelming without proper guidance. Additionally, the effectiveness of keyword and product research may vary depending on market saturation and niche specificity.


Potential concerns include the accuracy of sales data and keyword effectiveness, given the dynamic nature of Etsy’s marketplace. Users must also consider the cost-benefit of premium features against their shop’s size and revenue.

Potential Future Developments

Future improvements could include more personalized AI-driven insights, enhanced integration with social media platforms for marketing purposes, and more robust tools for analyzing customer behavior and preferences.

Discover the smarter way to sell on Etsy with EtsyHunt.

By leveraging detailed market research, keyword optimization, and competitive analysis, you can elevate your shop’s performance and achieve your business goals.

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