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Verbatik: Text to Speech Conversion Platform

Create Lifelike Audio Content with Verbatik's AI-Powered TTS Platform


Verbatik is a text-to-speech (TTS) conversion platform that specializes in transforming written text into realistic, natural-sounding speech. This tool leverages advanced AI algorithms to offer a wide range of voice options in over 142 languages and accents. Verbatik is designed for various applications, including podcasts, video tutorials, presentations, and more. It’s available as a web application and can be accessed through the Microsoft Store.

Features & Benefits

  • Extensive Language Coverage: Over 600 AI voices in 142 languages and accents.
  • High-Quality Export Formats: Offers MP3 and WAV file exports.
  • Legal Compliance: Provides commercial and broadcast rights for the AI voices used. (Paid)
  • Voice cloning: Create natural-sounding AI voices in 12 languages. (Paid)
  • Customization Options: Allows adjusting voice tone, emotion, pacing, and more.
  • Unlimited Revisions: Fine-tune your TTS outputs without limitations.
  • Integration Capabilities: Can be integrated with applications via API. (Paid)
  • Accessibility Features: Enhances content accessibility for those with visual impairments or reading difficulties.

Verbatik Tasks

  • Text-to-speech conversion
  • Voice customization (emotion, tone, pace)
  • Audio content creation for podcasts and videos
  • Language and accent selection for global reach
  • Audio file export in MP3 and WAV formats

Verbatik Integrations

  • Microsoft Store application
  • API integration for application development

Real-world Applications

Verbatik is valuable across various industries. In marketing, it can create engaging audio content for campaigns. Educational sectors can benefit from enhanced e-learning materials and audiobooks. Multimedia presentations in corporate and creative fields are enriched with dynamic TTS. Customer service automation via virtual agents can leverage Verbatik for more natural interactions. In retail, voice commerce applications can provide a more interactive shopping experience. Lastly, content creators in podcasting and audio production can use Verbatik for diverse and professional-grade voiceovers and take advantage of the voice cloning feature.

Who is Verbatik for

  • Marketers
  • Educators
  • Multimedia professionals
  • Customer service managers
  • Retailers
  • Podcasters and content creators

Pricing & Discount

PlanPrice (Monthly)CharactersVoice CloningLanguages & DialectsCommercial RightsAPI
Free$03,000NoLimitedNot includedNo
Big Team$391,000,000Yes140+IncludedIncluded

Verbatik Free version



Verbatik may not fully replicate the emotional depth and nuances of human speech. Its effectiveness might vary across different languages and accents, especially in less commonly spoken ones.


Users may have concerns about data privacy and the security of their text inputs. Additionally, the quality of speech synthesis might vary, potentially affecting user experience. Compatibility with different devices and software environments is another consideration.

Potential Future Developments

Verbatik could expand its language and accent library, improve the naturalness of speech synthesis, and enhance its API for broader integration with other applications. Developments in AI could allow for more nuanced voice emotions and better offline capabilities.

Explore Verbatik today and transform your text into engaging, natural-sounding speech!

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