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ClassPoint: PowerPoint Enhancement for Educators


ClassPoint is an AI tool for teachers which enhances PowerPoint presentations by integrating interactive quizzes, gamification, and detailed analytics. Designed for educators, it turns ordinary slides into dynamic learning tools without leaving PowerPoint.

Features & Benefits

  • Interactive Quizzes: Create multiple choice, word cloud, short answer, slide drawing, image upload, fill in the blanks, audio record, and video upload questions directly within PowerPoint.
  • AI Quiz Generator: Automatically generate quizzes from PowerPoint slides using AI, supporting multiple question types and languages.
  • Gamification: Engage students with stars, badges, levels, and leaderboards to encourage participation and competition.
  • Class Management: Set up and manage classes, group students, and track their progress over time.
  • Presentation Tools: Utilize powerful tools for a creative and interactive teaching experience.

ClassPoint Platforms

Windows, Mac, web app

ClassPoint Tasks

  • Create interactive quizzes
  • Generate AI-driven quizzes from slides
  • Gamify learning with rewards
  • Manage and track class progress
  • Group students for collaborative learning



Real-world Applications

ClassPoint transforms standard PowerPoint presentations into interactive and engaging lessons. Teachers can run AI generated quizzes directly from their slides, making assessments seamless and engaging. For example, a history teacher can use multiple choice questions to review key events, while a language teacher uses word clouds to explore students’ vocabulary. The gamification features, such as awarding stars and badges, motivate students to participate and improve. Imagine a classroom where students’ drawings from a slide activity appear instantly on the main screen, turning a regular lesson into an interactive art showcase.

Who is ClassPoint for

  • Educators
  • Trainers
  • Corporate Presenters
  • Students

Pricing & Discount

BasicLimited interaction featuresFree
ProUnlimited engagement, advanced features$8/month (billed annually)

ClassPoint Free version



  • Requires installation on the presenter’s computer
  • Free version has limited class size and features


  • Data Privacy: Handling of student data must be secure.
  • Usability: Learning curve for those new to integrating tools with PowerPoint.
  • Compatibility: Limited to PowerPoint users.

Potential Future Developments

  • Enhanced Integrations: Potential integration with LMS platforms for seamless grade synchronization.
  • Mobile App: Development of a mobile app for on-the-go quiz management.
  • Offline Mode: Capability to create and run quizzes without internet access.

Ready to make your presentations interactive? Start using ClassPoint today and transform your teaching experience

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