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Acoust: AI Voice Generator TTS


Acoust is an AI voice generator that transforms text into natural-sounding speech. It offers a range of tools including AI voices, AI writing, and AI video creation. With over 100 voices in 30+ languages, it helps users create engaging content like YouTube videos and social media content quickly and efficiently.

Features & Benefits

  • Ultra Realistic AI Voices: Customize voice with emotions and controls.
  • Idea to Text: Generates text for various content types using GenAI (powered by ChatGPT).
  • AI Voice Cloning: Clone any voice with a few seconds of audio.
  • AI Translation: Easily translate text into multiple languages.
  • Background Music: Enhance TTS with background music.
  • Speech To Text: Convert spoken words into text for voice replacement.

Acoust Platforms

  • n/a

Acoust Tasks

  • Generate voice from text
  • Write text for videos
  • Create video content
  • Clone voices
  • Translate text into multiple languages
  • Add background music to TTS
  • Convert speech to text

Real-world applications

Imagine you’re a YouTuber looking to enhance your videos with professional-sounding voice-overs. With an AI voice generator, you can easily create these voice-overs, making your content stand out. No more struggling with microphone quality or accent issues; Acoust handles it all, giving your videos a polished, engaging sound.

Now, picture yourself as an e-learning developer tasked with creating training materials for a global workforce. Acoust’s AI voices come in handy, allowing you to produce a consistent and diverse set of learning modules. Your training content can now easily cater to a multilingual audience, breaking down language barriers and enhancing learning experiences.

Consider the convenience of listening to documents instead of reading them. With an AI voice generator, you can convert your notes, documents, and text files into audio. This feature is a game-changer for busy professionals and students who can absorb information while on the go, turning travel or downtime into productive learning opportunities.

For app developers, creating explainer videos with engaging, human-like AI voices has never been easier. These videos can effectively demonstrate app features, improving user engagement and retention. Acoust’s realistic voices ensure that your explainer videos capture and retain your audience’s attention.

Authors and independent creators can also benefit from the AI voice tool by producing audiobooks. Without the need for expensive voice actors, you can select the perfect voice from Acoust’s library, customizing the narration to fit your story’s tone and style. This opens up a whole new world for storytelling, allowing authors to bring their stories to life in a way that truly resonates with their audience.

And for a creative twist, imagine using Acoust to prank your friends by creating a high-fidelity clone of your voice. You could send them audio messages in your voice, talking about outlandish scenarios or plans. Just think of the confusion and laughter when you reveal the truth!

Who is Acoust for

  • Content creators
  • Marketers
  • E-learning professionals
  • Authors
  • Businesses requiring IVR & broadcasting solutions

Pricing & Discount

PersonalFreeAI Voices (15m audio), AI Content Writer
Pro$9/monthPlus voice cloning, translation, and more
Premium$29/monthExtended audio and voice cloning limits
Ultra$59/monthMaximum limits, priority support
Prepaid Pro$20150K characters (3h audio)
Prepaid Premium$50500K characters (10h audio)

Acoust Free version

  • Available


  • Time limits on AI voice usage
  • Voice cloning limits per plan


  • Data privacy with voice cloning
  • Compatibility with various languages and accents
  • Cost for higher-tier plans
  • Learning curve for advanced features

Potential Future Developments

  • Integration with more platforms and apps
  • Expansion of language and accent options
  • Enhanced voice customization features

Elevate your content creation with Acoust’s AI-powered TTS, offering natural voices in multiple languages, voice cloning, and more.

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