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Clipdrop: AI Image Enhancement


Clipdrop is an AI-powered tool designed to enhance and transform images. It offers various features such as background removal, image upscaling, and text-to-image generation. Clipdrop aims to simplify image editing tasks, allowing users to create professional-quality visuals effortlessly.

Features & Benefits

  • Generative Fill: Replace, remove, or fix elements in pictures.
  • Universal Resizer: Adjust image sizes for different social media platforms.
  • Text to Image: Generate high-resolution, realistic images from text prompts.
  • Swap: Swap people or objects in any image.
  • Instant Text to Image: Generate images from text in real-time.
  • Replace Background: Change the background of any image with AI.
  • Remove Background: Accurately extract the main subject from an image.
  • Cleanup: Remove objects, people, text, and defects from pictures.
  • Uncrop: Extend images to any format.
  • Image Upscaler: Enhance image resolution by 2x or 4x, remove noise, and recover details.
  • Sketch to Image: Transform sketches into realistic images.
  • Reimagine: Create multiple variants of an image.
  • Relight: Add beautiful lighting effects to images.
  • Sky Replacer: Replace gray skies with blue ones.
  • Text Remover: Remove text from images.

Clipdrop Platforms

Web app

Clipdrop Tasks

  • Replace or fix elements in images
  • Resize images for social media
  • Generate images from text
  • Swap people or objects in images
  • Instant text-to-image generation
  • Replace backgrounds
  • Remove backgrounds
  • Cleanup images by removing unwanted elements
  • Uncrop images to extend their format
  • Upscale images and enhance resolution
  • Transform sketches into images
  • Create image variants
  • Relight images
  • Replace skies
  • Remove text from images

Clipdrop Integrations

  • API

Real-world applications

Clipdrop is perfect for graphic designers who need to enhance their images quickly. A social media manager can use the universal resizer to optimize posts for different platforms. Photographers can remove unwanted elements from their photos with the cleanup feature. Businesses can generate marketing visuals using text-to-image tools. Create a digital holiday card by replacing a mundane background with a festive scene, and add a personal touch by sketching a unique design.

Who is Clipdrop for

  • Graphic designers
  • Social media managers
  • Photographers
  • Businesses
  • Content creators

Pricing & Discount

FreeFreeGenerative fill, Swap, Background Removal, Image Upscaler x2, Cleanup, Relight, Sky replacer, Text Remover, Reimagine (limited)
PRO$11/moHigh resolution features, Skip queue for various tools, Unlimited usage, No Watermark
API$0.08-0.50 per creditAccess to all API features

Clipdrop Free version



Clipdrop’s free version includes watermarks on some features and limits the number of uses per day.


Users might face a learning curve when first using the tool. Privacy concerns may arise from using AI to process personal images. Compatibility issues could occur with certain image formats.

Potential Future Developments

Clipdrop could benefit from adding features like video editing capabilities to allow users to apply the same powerful AI tools to their video content. Another useful addition could be real-time collaborative editing, enabling multiple users to work on the same project simultaneously. Customizable filters and effects could provide more creative control. Finally, integrating cloud storage options would streamline access and sharing of edited images across different devices.

Discover how Clipdrop can transform your image editing process with ease and efficiency. Try it now and see the difference AI can make in your visual creations.

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