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Visla: AI-Powered Video Storytelling Platform

Visla AI VIdeo Creation


Visla is an all-in-one video storytelling platform designed to simplify and enhance the video creation process. It’s an AI-powered platform that allows users to record, edit, and share high-quality videos with ease. Visla stands out by requiring no prior editing experience and integrating AI into every step of the video production workflow.

Visla offers convenient desktop and mobile apps, enhancing the user experience across devices. The desktop application for Windows and Mac ensures robust video recording capabilities, while the mobile apps for iOS and Android allow users to record and share videos on-the-go, with seamless content saving to the Visla Cloud.

Features & Benefits

  • AI Video Editor & Generator: Automates video creation, transforming ideas into videos with a single click.
  • Text-Based Editing: Edits videos using transcriptions rather than traditional timelines.
  • Footage Recommendations: Offers AI-driven suggestions for video content.
  • Personal Stock and Premium Video Library: Provides access to a wide range of stock videos.
  • AI Summary & Branding Tools: Helps in creating concise, brand-aligned videos.
  • Collaboration Tools: Facilitates sharing, commenting, and adding calls to action within videos.
  • Recording Capabilities: Includes screen, video, and meeting recording, with features like multi-camera recording and teleprompter support.

Visla integrates with popular platforms like Zoom and Slack, significantly enhancing its utility. With Zoom integration, users can automatically import Zoom Cloud recordings into Visla, streamlining the process of editing and repurposing meeting content. The Slack integration allows for the effortless sharing and reviewing of Visla videos within Slack, promoting efficient collaboration among teams.

Real-world Applications

Visla is beneficial across various industries, including marketing, education, sales, engineering, and social media. Its AI-driven video editing and creation capabilities make it an ideal tool for marketers to create compelling product demos and explainer videos. In education, Visla can be used to produce engaging online course materials. Sales teams can leverage Visla to create personalized pitch videos, while engineers can use it for documentation and code reviews. Social media professionals can use Visla to generate high-quality, short videos with ease (i.e. Youtube shorts, Instagram Reels, Facebook Reels, TikTocs).

The addition of the ChatGPT plugin to Visla further broadens its applications. This feature enables users to create videos from ChatGPT prompts, offering a unique blend of AI-driven creativity and customization. Users can preview, customize, and export videos based on their specific needs, making Visla an ideal tool for content creators, marketers, and educators seeking innovative ways to engage their audience.

Pricing & Discount

PlanMonthly CostVideo Publish TimeTranscription TimeStorage
Free$050 min/month3 hrs/month10 GB
Premium$19/moUnlimited10 hrs/month100 GB

It’s important to note that while Visla offers a plugin for ChatGPT, utilizing some of its advanced features, such as exporting videos with premium stock footage, requires a premium Visla account. This distinction clarifies for users that while Visla enhances the capabilities of ChatGPT, it operates as an independent platform with its own pricing structure.

Visla Free version



Visla may not suit users needing advanced video editing capabilities. The AI-driven editing might be limiting for professionals who prefer detailed, manual editing processes.


Users might have concerns regarding data privacy, especially with the use of AI and cloud storage. Compatibility with various hardware and software environments could also be a potential concern.

Potential Future Developments

Visla could enhance its AI capabilities to include more advanced editing features, improved personalization, and integration with other marketing and content creation tools. Expansion into VR/AR video creation is another potential area for growth.

Visla is set to introduce significant upgrades to its ChatGPT plugin, including the ability to create videos from scripts and URLs. These developments are expected to further streamline the video creation process, providing users with more versatility in transforming various content forms into engaging videos. This anticipates a future where Visla’s integration with AI text-generation tools becomes even more seamless and powerful.

How to Use Visla

  1. Recording: Start by recording your video using Visla’s in-app tools.
  2. Editing: Use the AI-driven text-based editor to refine your video.
  3. Sharing: Share your videos directly from Visla with your team or audience.

Best Practices for Visla

  • Leverage AI Tools: Maximize the use of AI for quick and efficient video creation.
  • Collaborate Effectively: Utilize collaboration tools for team-based projects.
  • Repurpose Content: Use Visla to transform existing text and audio into engaging video content.

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