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Vertex AI: Unleashing AI and ML Capabilities for Enterprises


Vertex AI is a comprehensive machine learning (ML) platform by Google, designed to facilitate the development, training, and deployment of AI models. It supports a wide range of AI capabilities, including generative AI, making it a versatile tool for enterprises looking to implement AI solutions.

Features & Benefits

  • Access to Gemini and 130+ Generative AI Models: Vertex AI integrates with Gemini, Google DeepMind’s multimodal model, and offers over 130 generative AI models and tools. This vast selection allows for a wide range of applications, from text and image generation to code creation.
  • Flexible Model Training Options: Users can choose between AutoML for code-free model training or custom training for more control and customization. This flexibility supports a variety of user expertise levels.
  • Integrated AI Platform: The platform provides tools for every stage of the ML workflow, including data preparation, model training, and deployment. It’s integrated with Google Cloud services like BigQuery, enhancing data accessibility and processing.
  • MLOps Tools: Vertex AI includes purpose-built MLOps tools to automate and manage ML projects, facilitating collaboration and improving model performance throughout the development lifecycle.
  • Generative AI in Applications: Supports building generative AI applications, offering quickstarts and tutorials for tasks like data extraction, summarization, and classification.

Vertex AI Tasks

  • Generate text, images, and code
  • Extract text from images
  • Convert image text to JSON
  • Summarize, classify, and extract data
  • Deploy Machine Learning models for real-time or batch predictions

Vertex AI Integrations

  • Google Cloud BigQuery
  • Colab Enterprise
  • Google Cloud Storage

Real-world Applications

Vertex AI is a valuable asset across various industries, offering tailored AI solutions like Contact Center AI for customer service, Document AI for processing documents, and Anti Money Laundering AI for financial compliance. Its generative AI capabilities enable businesses to innovate in product development, customer interaction, and operational efficiency. For example, retail companies can use Vertex AI to improve customer experience through personalized recommendations and efficient search functionalities. In healthcare, it can help in analyzing medical images or patient data for better diagnosis and treatment plans. Financial services can leverage it for fraud detection and customer service automation. The manufacturing sector can benefit from predictive maintenance and quality control. Additionally, media and entertainment industries can utilize it for content creation and personalization.

Who is Vertex AI for

  • Data Scientists
  • ML Engineers
  • Developers
  • Business Analysts

Pricing & Discount

Generative AIText, chat, and code generation$0.0001/1,000 characters
Imagen modelImage generation$0.0001
AutoML modelsImage, video, tabular, text data training, deployment, and predictionFrom $1.375/node hour
Custom-trained modelsCustom model trainingContact sales

Vertex AI Free version

Not available

New customers can start with $300 in free credits.


  • While Vertex AI supports a wide range of AI and ML tasks, the complexity of some advanced features may require a steep learning curve for users not familiar with Google Cloud’s ecosystem.
  • The cost can scale significantly with extensive use, particularly for large-scale applications and custom model training.


  • Data Privacy: As with any cloud-based service, data privacy and security are critical concerns, especially for industries handling sensitive information.
  • Integration Complexity: Some users may find integrating Vertex AI with existing systems and workflows challenging, depending on the complexity of their IT infrastructure.
  • Cost Management: Without careful management, the costs associated with using advanced features and extensive model training can become a concern.

Potential Future Developments

  • Enhanced User Experience: Simplifying the interface and streamlining the integration process could make Vertex AI more accessible to a broader audience.
  • Expanded Model Library: Continuously adding to the model library, especially industry-specific models, could increase the platform’s applicability.
  • Cost Optimization Tools: Providing more tools for monitoring and managing costs could help users optimize their AI investments.

Explore Vertex AI to leverage its comprehensive AI and ML capabilities for your enterprise needs.

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