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useArtemis: Leadgen and Prospecting Platform


useArtemis is a platform designed to enhance your prospecting process, enabling you to find and engage with ideal prospects more efficiently. It combines email finding, LinkedIn scraping, and multichannel outreach tools in a single platform, streamlining the lead generation and engagement process.

Features & Benefits

  • Email Finder: Quickly find emails and phone numbers of potential leads.
  • LinkedIn Scraper: Utilize a Chrome extension to extract leads from LinkedIn and Sales Navigator instantly.
  • Multichannel Outreach: Engage leads through LinkedIn, emails, and more, initiating conversations that get responses.
  • Unified Inbox: A forthcoming feature for managing all LinkedIn communications in one place.

useArtemis Platforms

  • Chrome extension, Cloud functions

useArtemis Tasks

  • Extract and enrich leads from LinkedIn and Sales Navigator.
  • Find verified emails and phone numbers of leads.
  • Automate LinkedIn invitations and email sending.
  • Track campaign results.

useArtemis Integrations

  • LinkedIn & Sales Navigator: For lead extraction.
  • Email Systems: For conducting outreach campaigns.
  • ChatGPT: For creating personalized invite notes.

Real-world applications

useArtemis proves beneficial across numerous scenarios. For a recruitment agency, it could streamline the identification and engagement of potential candidates. Marketing teams might use it to find and connect with potential clients or partners, significantly reducing the time and effort required for lead generation.

For a sales professional, automating outreach with personalized messages could increase reply rates and lead conversions. In a more creative application, imagine a local community event planner using useArtemis to invite local businesses and sponsors, crafting personalized pitches with ChatGPT’s help—potentially while planning everything from a beach, thanks to cloud-based access.

Who is useArtemis for

  • Sales professionals
  • Marketing teams
  • Recruitment agencies
  • Event organizers
  • Freelancers looking for new clients

Pricing & Discount

PlanPriceEnrichment CreditsCampaignsFeatures
Starter$992k4Multiple senders, Unlimited emails, LinkedIn automation
Pro$1297k6Multiple senders, Unlimited emails, LinkedIn automation
Unlimited$199UnlimitedUnlimitedMultiple senders, Unlimited emails, LinkedIn automation

useArtemis Free version

Not available


  • The effectiveness of lead enrichment and outreach may depend on the quality of input data and the targeting criteria used.
  • The unified inbox feature is still in development.


  • Data privacy and security are critical, given the tool’s access to sensitive information like emails and LinkedIn accounts.
  • Compatibility with different LinkedIn accounts (regular vs. Sales Navigator) and ensuring account safety.
  • Cost may be a concern for small businesses or individual users.

Potential Future Developments

  • Integrating more social platforms for a broader multichannel outreach.
  • Advanced AI for even more personalized messaging suggestions.
  • Enhanced analytics for deeper insights into campaign performance.

Find and engage with your ideal prospects more efficiently with useArtemis, simplifying your lead generation process.

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