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Undetectable AI: Advanced AI Detector and Humanizer


Undetectable AI detects AI-written content and transforms it to resemble human writing. This tool allows users to check their text for AI detection risks and then modify it to pass as human-generated content.

Features & Benefits

  • AI Detection Likelihood: Assess the probability of your text being flagged by major AI detectors like GPTZero, OpenAI, Writer, Crossplag, CopyLeaks, Sapling, ContentAtScale, and ZeroGPT.
  • AI Humanizer: Rewrite AI-generated text to appear human-written, ensuring it bypasses all major AI detectors.
  • Human Auto Typer: A browser extension that allows you to simulate human typing in Google Docs and other platforms to protect against plagiarism accusations.
  • AI Paraphraser: Reformulate sentences and paragraphs to enhance readability and human-like quality.
  • AI Plagiarism Detector: Check for AI-generated content to avoid plagiarism issues.
  • AI SEO Content Writer: Create SEO-optimized articles that pass AI detection and rank well in search engines.

Undetectable AI Platforms

Web app

Undetectable AI Tasks

  • Detect AI-written content
  • Humanize AI-generated text
  • Auto-type content into documents
  • Paraphrase text
  • Check for AI plagiarism
  • Write SEO-optimized articles

Undetectable AI Integrations


Real-world Applications

Undetectable AI is particularly useful for writers, marketers, and content creators who rely on AI tools like ChatGPT or Jasper. For instance, a blogger using AI to generate content can use Undetectable AI to ensure their posts read naturally, enhancing engagement and trust among readers. Students and academics can protect their work from plagiarism accusations by using the human auto-typer tool to simulate manual typing, maintaining the integrity of their original writing.

Imagine a freelance writer who frequently uses AI to draft articles. By employing Undetectable AI, they can guarantee that their clients receive high-quality, human-like text that passes all AI detectors, ensuring the authenticity and credibility of their work. For a touch of creativity, one could even use this AI tool to write a convincing speech for their pet’s “graduation” from obedience school, making it sound as heartfelt and human as possible.

Who is Undetectable AI for

  • Marketers
  • Writers
  • Bloggers
  • Journalists
  • Researchers
  • Students
  • Academics

Pricing & Discount

Basicfrom $14.99 (15,000 words)from $60 (10,000 words/month)

Undetectable AI Free version

Not available


  • Limited to web app use only
  • No free version available
  • Word limit constraints on plans


  • Data privacy: Users may worry about the security of their text inputs.
  • Usability: Some users may find the process of humanizing content time-consuming.
  • Compatibility: Limited to specific platforms and lacks integration options.
  • Learning curve: New users might need time to understand all features and settings.

Potential Future Developments

  • Mobile App: Developing an app for Android and iOS could broaden accessibility.
  • Browser Extensions: Integrating with popular browsers to streamline the content humanization process.
  • Multi-language Support: Expanding support for more languages beyond English.

Transform your AI-generated content into human-like text effortlessly with Undetectable AI.

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