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StarByFace: Celebrity Look-Alike Detection


StarByFace is an AI-powered tool that identifies which celebrity you resemble. Users upload a photo, and the system detects facial features, comparing them to a database of celebrity faces to suggest matches. Available on web, iOS, and Android platforms.

Features & Benefits

  • Photo Upload: Users can upload a single photo where their face is clearly visible. This ensures accurate face detection and comparison.
  • Face Detection: The system creates a facial pattern by identifying key facial components such as eyebrows, eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Celebrity Comparison: The tool compares the uploaded face with a database of celebrity faces and provides the closest matches.
  • Privacy Assurance: Uploaded photos are not stored. Photos are deleted after recognition unless users choose to share them.

StarByFace Platforms

web, iOS, Android

StarByFace Tasks

  • Detects facial features from a photo
  • Matches faces with a celebrity database
  • Provides a list of the closest celebrity look-alikes

StarByFace Integrations


Real-World Applications

StarByFace is useful for various fun and entertainment purposes. Users can discover which celebrities they resemble and share their results on social media. This can be a great icebreaker at parties or a fun activity to enjoy with friends and family. You could even see which historical figure you resemble and add a bit of humor to your next history lesson.

Who is StarByFace for

  • Anyone interested in finding their celebrity look-alike
  • Social media enthusiasts who enjoy sharing fun content
  • Event planners looking for unique entertainment ideas

Pricing & Discount

Free VersionFreeUpload and match a single photo

StarByFace Free version



  • Photo Requirements: The tool works best with clear, high-resolution frontal photos.
  • Single Person Per Photo: Only one face should be present in the photo for accurate detection.


  • Data Privacy: While photos are not stored, users should be mindful of privacy when sharing images online.
  • Usability: The AI tool is straightforward, but requires good quality photos for best results.

Potential Future Developments

StarByFace could enhance its service by integrating with social media platforms for direct sharing. Adding options to compare faces with a wider range of public figures, including historical icons or fictional characters, could also broaden its appeal. A feature for group photos might also be interesting, allowing users to compare multiple faces at once.

Experience the fun of discovering your celebrity doppelgänger with StarByFace. Upload your photo today and see which star you resemble!

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