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TypingMind: ChatGPT Enhanced Interface

TypingMind enhanced ChatGPT interface


TypingMind is a versatile web app designed to enhance the ChatGPT experience by offering advanced chat management and customization options. This tool allows users to organize chats, fine-tune AI responses, train models with personal data, and use custom-built language models (LLMs). It’s a static web app that securely stores your API key locally, with all interactions processed directly from the browser to the OpenAI server.

Features & Benefits

  • Chat Organization: Manage chats with options like folders, pinning, and bulk deletion.
  • Customization Options: Tailor AI responses with a prompt library, AI character library, and more.
  • Training with Personal Data: Input your own data to refine AI responses.
  • Use of Custom-Built LLMs: Integrate personal language models for specific tasks.
  • Complex Conversation Handling: Ensures fast and high-quality output for intricate dialogues.

TypingMind Tasks

  • Chat organization and management
  • AI response customization
  • Model training with personal data
  • Integration with custom-built LLMs
  • Handling complex conversations

TypingMind Integrations

  • Web search & live data
  • Text-to-speech functionality
  • Self-hosting options
  • MacOS app integration

Real-world Applications

TypingMind is beneficial across various industries, enhancing productivity and efficiency in tasks like customer support, content creation, and data analysis. Its robust chat management capabilities make it ideal for professionals handling extensive interactions, while the customization features cater to educators, researchers, and developers seeking tailored AI responses.

Who is TypingMind for

  • Marketers
  • Educators
  • Researchers
  • Developers
  • Content Creators

Pricing & Discount

Standard$39Basic Chat, All Characters/Models, Self-host Package
Extended$59Standard features + Image Generation, Web Search
Premium$79Extended features + Unlimited Plugins, GPT-4 Vision, FAQ Bot Access
Team License$395Up to 10 users, 50 devices, Premium plan benefits

TypingMind Free Version



  • Free plan lacks chat history saving and includes frequent pop-ups.
  • Some features limited in the free version.
  • Only the English language version of the app interface has been verified by human and there are a handful of other languages supported.


Users may have concerns regarding data privacy, as chats are stored locally. The necessity of an OpenAI API key might raise compatibility issues for those without one.

Potential Future Developments

Future enhancements could include broader language support, enhanced integration options, and more robust training capabilities with personal datasets.

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